HTC Making Changes in EVO 4G Assembly, Planning Other Fixes


Fans and owners of the HTC EVO 4G have been obsessing rather strongly over some of the shortcomings their device has presented over the past couple of weeks since it’s launched. For starters, the screen’s tendency (on some units) to lift up from the rest of the body has been a huge concern of those who’ve been affected by it.


Other users are also unhappy with some problems regarding the device’s screen sensitivity which – according to HTC – can be fixed with a software update. As for the latter, that software update is being worked on right now and will begin rolling out soon. For those of you with hardware defects? HTC’s made some changes to their assembly that should rid the device of such problems, but the only way this’ll benefit you is if you exchange the device and are lucky enough to land one of the newer models.

[via Engadget]

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  1. So what about the WiFi issues?

  2. glad my device is fine.

  3. Don’t get a device with this kind of battary time… :O
    My suggestion is to wait for the Sammmy Galaxy S.

  4. Agreed, wifi needs to be on htc’s to do list. Asap.

  5. Great! the doubt of getting the HTC Evo with Build flaws was keeping me from switching to Sprint, Well I guess that’s no more

  6. Typical HTC poor quality problems , I am so sick of HTC and the crap they build , and SO GLAD I didnt waste my money on another HTC device , DROID X will be mine soon !!!! FAR better quality than anything HTC makes

  7. My Evo has great battery life. I don’t know why people say it have bad battery life. I charge mine every night and use it constantly during the day (I use my phone for work). I had an Iphone 3gs before this phone and I have not noticed the battery problems that other users of the Evo have had.

  8. just becasue one HTC phone has quality issues doesnt mean they tall do in fact the only other htc phone that has quality issues is the touch pro 1… samsung on the other hand hmm the instinct line including the orginal the s30 and hte hd as well as a shitload of other phones

  9. I suppose that there is always a drawback in being an early adopter. Maybe it is prudent to wait a few weeks before getting a new phone.


    All phone companies have had problems. Motorola included. Despite the image around Apple, there have been bugs as well in the iPhone and many of their Mac products in the past.

  10. For all hater… Who has the number one phone HTC EVO 4G! Won an award CTIA… That’s all I got to say.

  11. Look “Little Green Rock”… The battery is super reliable. One charge, It lasted 15-20 hours on 3G, light gaming, and 20 minutes of browsing!! Ha

  12. htc’s strategy seems to be a swarming of phones without any sense (no pun intended) of direction.

  13. @Steve and Little Green Robot:

    It’s good to see HTC is on top of these issues. I’m happy to know there will be revisioned devices and software updates out soon.

    You guys trying to downplay the EVO and praise the build quality of the Moto Droid and Samsung compared to the EVO… since when did they start manufacturing perfect devices? Motorola or Samsung is no better, they have quirks as well. For example the Samsung moment has a Quirky space key on the slide out keyboard where you have to press either side of the space key because pressing the center does nothing. That was very annoying to me. The Motorola Droid’s keyboard is far from being desired. Not perfect if you ask me. But you don’t hear me dissing those phones because some people actually like them.

    If you don’t like HTC devices why did you bother reading this news in the first place? You’re not going to convince the rest of us to go buy a Moto or Samsung if that’s what your intentions are. We are all smart enough to make smart choices. To each his own.

  14. @ Steve – The Droid X is alright but without the Sense UI its sooooo boring to even watch!! LOL. Besides, it doesn’t even have a front facing camera (a new trend) which makes it less appealing and unable to stand half the chance of facing the EVO 4G or Iphone 4. The Droid X is alright but I would just stick with the incredible over that big powerful good for nothing device (simply bcuz ninjablur). HTC SENSE UI!!

  15. Tellem Dean S.!! Besides… Atleast HTC is fixing the issue and even offers people the opportunity of returning a defected EVO for a better set screen. They should leave the sensitivity alone though bcuz its wicked NICE!!! HTC EVOOOOO!!! OH SHI*! I just threw my iPhone 3GS bcuz it was next to my EVO. Ha

  16. I’m happy to say, that I haven’t had any problems except that I haven’t been able to put my phone down, I hope its not stuck lol!

  17. so 1st the nexus, then the incredible, now the evo. that’s strike 3 for htc. they have to do more than try to fix mistakes before they get any more dollar from me.

  18. this is why i stay away from first batches of any new technology.they always have issues.its ashamed for this phone to be hyped up soo much then have all these issues.

  19. Hey Phandroid, when will you learn? Stop referencing engadget, there has not been an official statement from HTC. Why?… There is no issue with the screen, engadget is using one of their mystery tipsters. It’s no secret engadget are trying to bring up “issues” with the EVO. Haven’t you noticed a pattern? When ever bad news breaks for the iphone, engadget pulls us BS on the EVO. I reiterate, there is no issue, until Sprint or HTC say otherwise.

  20. I gotta agree with Informed. They pass of a tip as an official statement with Android but take iPhone tips with a grain of salt. They and Gizmodo are becoming more open to covering Android but still bash their handsets at the first chance they get

  21. Been using my Evo non stop since release and have yet to notice any issues, battery or build.

  22. I’m a EVO user and it has outstanding battery life. It is a great mobile device and will be for some time to come.

  23. i have no issues with my evo as far as battery life or wi fi. the screen sensitivity is a little off when not grounded.

  24. I bought an evo the day it came out . I had the palm pre ,Samsung moment,touch pro 2,and the HTC hero prior. I love the evo and have had had zero issues with battery or build quality. actually the battery out lasts any other Sprint smartphone I have had. it lasts all day and I am a very heavy user. I have several friends who also have the evo and they are happy with no build or battery issues as well.

  25. My evo leaks light from the bottom of the screen and is loose they ordered me a new one..

  26. Well, I’ve had the EVO since opening day and I haven’t had any issues at all. WiFi works well, screen’s good, the phone’s solid, etc. I’m sure we’d all like a battery with infinite life, but it seems to be on par with devices of much lesser capability. I’m hoping any fixes thy come around will just make the phone better!

  27. I’ve had my EVO since opening day. No problems, best phone I’ve ever had.

  28. June 4th my birthday, June 4th the HTC EVO came out and on june found out that the EVO is the iphone SNIPER (ever see the movie shooter) !!……Oh heres a tip for any grounding issues, it should only happen if ur EVO is on the bed or couch and u use only 1 finger to work it. if thats the case do this……. touch any side with n extra fingure…… dont b lazy problem solved (( think of it as being a touch sensitive phone ))

  29. I have had the EVO since opening day. My girlfriend and I. She had the MOTO clique and I had the MT3G. Yeah, the screen on bottom of both our phones seem to have the separation issue, but It’s hardly noticeable! And doesn’t affect the functioning of the device. This Damn phone is beautiful! Everywhere I go people either recognize it or ask, “is that a new iphone?” They love the screen, sense is gorgeous and adds a welcome layer of customization. It is faster, smoother, and more sleek than any phone out now. I don’t mind being a early adopter this time. My battery sucks, because I NEVER PUT IT DOWN. I watch tv surf, social sites, use maps, turn by turn, and actually use the phone. Oh, fring too, Sheesh, I’m shocked I get six hours out of this! Days I use it lightly I can pull 13 hours before the battery goes into yellow like yesterday.

  30. I’m going to get one of these beasts as soon as they become available from Sprint’s website again. I’m really really really excited because my parents agreed to pay $20 for the monthly (I have to pay the rest, though). I’ve been reading all these great reviews and it’s only strengthened my desire for such a device. I’ve never had a phone my entire life. I think this will be a FANTASTIC first phone. What do you guys think? :D

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