Droid Eris 2.1 Update Began Rolling Out Yesterday


Several HTC Droid Eris users on Verizon will be happy to know that they weren’t forgotten as Big Red rolled out the Android 2.1 update that was rumored to be released yesterday. The update (ROM: 2.36.605.1/Radio: fixes a number of bugs, improves on several areas of the phone’s functionality, and – of course – brings a sweet helping of Eclair to some once-jaded users.


I say once-jaded because of the rumors that the Droid Eris would be seeing its walking papers sooner than expected. While the rumored halt on production doesn’t necessarily mean a halt on support and updates, it comforts us to know that tons of Droid Eris users have not been forgotten after all. You can find the update by going to Settings > About Phone > System Update (that’s if the update hasn’t been pushed to you already). Read ahead for details on what you’ll be enjoying.

 Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the Gallery and
Google Maps.™
 New support for voice-to-text entry.
 New Leap thumbnail view lets you pinch to jump between the
seven panels on your home screen.
 Additional calendar views and easier access to contacts make
navigating even quicker.
 Google Maps with Navigation provides free, traffic-enhanced,
turn-by-turn navigation.
 With the Enhanced Android Market,™ you’ll enjoy a better
browsing experience as well as even more applications, including
Verizon Wireless content featuring self-service applications.
 Ability to log onto and access multiple Google accounts at once.
 Support for 19 Microsoft® Exchange Server policies makes your
phone more secure and business friendly.1
 Desk Clock intelligently dims your screen and displays the current
time while charging.
 Location-based cinematic full screen weather keeps you on top of
changing conditions.

 Free Yahoo!® Mail is now supported—simply sign in with your
Yahoo! email address and password.2
 Longer battery life due to power savings.
 Improved YouTube® video playback.
 Better Bluetooth® support, including contact transfer.
 Automatic settings for POP3 verizon.net email accounts.
 Added support for stand-alone Wi-Fi when device is in
airplane mode.
 Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset.
 Faster power-up time.
 Improved swipe-unlock functionality.
 Added support for Microsoft Office 2007 documents.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So if I have the v2 Leak will it still be pushed to my phone?

  2. Well dam, it’s sprint fault that is taking so long

  3. Does this mean the Sprint Hero is close too? I updated with a ROM from the leaked RUU a couple weeks ago and haven’t had access to several apps in the Market, most paid, but a few not. I didn’t get too worked up about it because, while annoying, I pretty much knew the reason. Yesterday though, MyBackup Pro suddenly showed up. I had previously bought it, so it appeared in my Downloads section. Pretty exciting, and I’m hoping it means we’re close.

  4. I haven’t received the update.. and going into the System updates it says “Your system is currently up to date.” … Do I have to wait for it to get to me?

  5. So where’s my update? Anyone else not getting it??

  6. Thank you, Verizon, for not jerking us around too.

    Any tips on the best way to backup data before doing the update?

  7. Not much to update. Contacts are automatically done by signing in to google and you don’t lose apps when updating.

  8. I use an app called ASTRO from the market. It will backup everything to your SD card.

    Thanks HTC and VZW……….I’m anxiously waiting for my 2.1 update and enhancements.

  9. Meanwhile, we at Tmo have to wait to get our MT3G updates until they try selling the Slide to all the left over G1 users. Ugh.

  10. Still awaiting mine to get the update. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.

  11. My wife sent me this…funny :

  12. I hate Sprint (I am a Hero owner).

  13. My girlfriend’s Eris just downloaded the update, installed it, rebooted, looks great (but wait for it), she unlocked it and all we get is a black screen that says HTC in the middle of it. If I hold down the power button a menu comes up allowing me to shut it down, I’ve done this, brought it back up, we still login in and get black screen w/HTC. Anyone having this issue?

  14. How does the update process work? Why haven’t I received it yet? Do they do this in groups or something? I know it was only yesterday but still..

  15. Has anyone else not received the update? I have restarted my Eris a ton of times and it is not showing up when I go to system updates.

  16. Finally… Been waiting for this for months. GNav sounds amazing. Haven’t gotten to see it yet.

  17. Do we have version numbers to confirm update happened?

  18. The updated will be pushed to devices in no particular order over the next two weeks.

  19. Waiting on my update. As soon as I get the official update I’m gonna root it so I can get Froyo later on. Makes sense to me.

    Also, sorry Hero owners, I know how it feels to get updates pushed back farther and farther, but this must feel like a slap in the face.

  20. My update hasn’t arrived and now my dad makes fun of me because I should have gotten the Droid :(

  21. “My girlfriend’s Eris just downloaded the update, installed it, rebooted, looks great (but wait for it), she unlocked it and all we get is a black screen that says HTC in the middle of it. If I hold down the power button a menu comes up allowing me to shut it down, I’ve done this, brought it back up, we still login in and get black screen w/HTC. Anyone having this issue?”

    Chances are its just your phone not the 2.1 update, I have an eris as well and installed the leaked unfinished version of 2.1 two months ago with no issues. Just take it to Verizon and they will deal with it. Your girlfriend’s phone has a 1 year warranty so you’ll be taken care of.


  22. Over the next 2 weeks? What exactly goes into doing this update? Is Verizon just taking their time?

  23. Still haven’t received the update. Any user reports from those that have updated

  24. I want to know why if you’re connected to wifi it doesn’t just update you right away. I could see if they needed to push it OTA, but over my home network saves them bandwidth… sick of waiting

  25. Yes.. it looks like the waiting game has started.. 2 weeks to roll out an update? That’s rediculous, I could see if they were testing still.. but this needs to be out and rolled out now.. using WiFi should be automatic and would save on them but .. what do we know?

  26. I wonder how they determine the order of the updates? I was a first day purchaser of the Eris at a Verizon store but haven’t seen the update yet. I thought they might go in a purchase order stack (FIFO) but apparently not. Same was true for the software updates.

  27. I went in there, and it just says my system is up to date. Sigh.

  28. None in system settings either.

  29. Wait.. I hear… I hear the theme from Jeopardy for some reason…

  30. Any try getting it through verizons website. Haven’t. Looked, don’t know if its there. I just know my wifes old blackberry updates used to post on there.

  31. Just got the update!! Was browsing the market when I got the notification.. downloading/installing now!!

  32. Talked to HTC yesturday they told me that the roll out would only take a few days. And Verizon is pushing out in there markets how ever they want. I can’t wait.. I had know idea it was already rolling out. My phone crashed. So I had to do a hard reset. That’s when I called them to ask when the update was coming.

  33. In response to: “My girlfriend’s Eris just downloaded the update, installed it, rebooted, looks great (but wait for it), she unlocked it and all we get is a black screen that says HTC in the middle of it. If I hold down the power button a menu comes up allowing me to shut it down, I’ve done this, brought it back up, we still login in and get black screen w/HTC. Anyone having this issue?”

    Robert, you are not alone! My husband’s phone did this as well. We took it to our local Verizon store, they called tech support at Verizon and they told us the phone had received the 2.1 update which caused it to lock up on the “HTC Screen”. We never could get any further. They did a hard reset on the phone and it came back up with OS 1.5… So I took my phone in to another Verizon store and asked them to update it to 2.1 and explained what had happened to my husband’s phone. They completely denied that Verizon had released 2.1. They even said the update wouldn’t come from Verizon, but instead it would come from HTC. I definitely think they pushed the update to a small number of people to start with as a test and since it didn’t work, they are holding off on the rest of us to find a solution to the phone freezing at the HTC screen.

  34. “They completely denied that Verizon had released 2.1. They even said the update wouldn’t come from Verizon, but instead it would come from HTC.” That’s exactly why, even though I like Verizon’s service, I refuse to step foot in their stores. Every time I’ve done so, I’m greeted by morons that know far less than I do. I don’t have time to deal with people like that. Hire people that have a clue what they’re doing, or train them until they do.

  35. And btw, I’m an Eris owner, and haven’t gotten my update yet.

  36. had download….it erased a lot of stuff I had….and now the weather thing does not work and force closes….so not sure what happened. here…

  37. i did my update and turned my phone back on and ALL MY CONTACTS ARE MISSING! someone please help.

  38. Got my upgrade and its pretty cool, none of my data was deleted either!

  39. I thought all was lost until my update came. I have pinch to zoom which some don’t but I don’t have live wallpaper!! Thats the only thing I REALLY wanted. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  40. What really annoys me is that my fiancee and u bought our phones together and he has received the update and I haven’t yet. Makes waiting for it worse when you have seen how more responsive and better the new update is.

  41. I selected install later and it updated anyway. Wiped out 99% of my contacts. Can’t call anyone important. It kept a couple of restaurant numbers and a few people I don’t call often. Everyone else’s numbers are gone. Currently on hold for 15 minutes with verizon.

  42. Installed the update, and everything went well. Had to add my email accounts back on even though they showed up when adding them to the panel. I did notice that they also wiped out peoples birthdays and anniversaries, but kept the numbers, names and avatars. My 3rd party apps were all still there, battery, sderescan, wifi analyzer, webshare lite, word of the day and taskmanager.

    I used mybackup free edition to ensure I had my phone numbers some place online along with other information and a backup of my apps.

    Overall it went well. You will have to go through all your settings once again to ensure that everything is as you want it. Otherwise it is really nice.

    I did notice that gmail refreshed a little more slowly then it used to. At this point I am going to test the longevity of the battery based on the update information


    my backup made me feel a bit better:


    Install the free version. It runs for 30 days, so plenty of time for you to fix anything that went missing. Be sure though to write down any information on people outside of the name and number. also, so that you do not have duplicates in your call list, you need to delete your favorites ( I think this might be a bug ) Even though something is a favorite I don’t think the people should show up at the top of the call list first and then again in the actual full people list.

    Kind regards,

  43. so yesterday i said it deleted all my contacts…this morning they are back! so be patient it might turn out to be okay

  44. i want my update!!!!!!!arg!!!!

  45. I have a Droid Eris and received the update today. After it restarted, it was stuck on the HTC screen so I just removed & replaced the battery. That did the trick, after a few seconds it came back to life. However, everything is gone from my phone. Completely wiped out. Please help!

  46. I found my option to update under notifications. Selected it and it prompted me to download the new update. Updated everything just great!

  47. Anyone know how to turn of the lock screen password requirement? When trying to connect to Microsoft Exchange, it told me my security setting required a password. So, I gave it a password. Later, I found how to disable this requirement in Microsoft Exchange, so now I don’t have to have a lock screen. Only problem… now I don’t know how to turn it off on the Droid Eris. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  48. Yeah, I just got the update, and all my contacts were deleted, too. The only ones saved were the ones I’ve entered since I got the phone a few months ago. My google contacts synced up, but I don’t keep phone numbers in there and the syncing has never worked properly since I got the phone (none of the info in the phone transfers to google – all I get when I sync are my email contacts), so that was completely useless. I’m super pissed. I’m having a party at my house tonight and now I can’t get in touch with a single person that is coming because I don’t have their number. THANKS VERIZON & HTC. I’m really happy about this.

  49. If you go to Settings > Accounts & sync, you can force manual syncs for Google, Facebook, and other things as well. The Google sync will instantly restore all your contacts with associated photos, provided they were Google contacts (that is, as long as you didn’t create local phone contacts instead; if so, they’re gone forever). Also, running the Facebook sync will reload all Facebook info, including photos, for Facebook-linked contacts. No need to wait several hours to a day. I had all contacts restored within a minute of running the syncs.

  50. I updated my HTC Eris last night. My wife is still waiting for her update …. anyways, prior to even getting my update or even knowing of it, that same night our location is acting up and shows us over5 hours from where we actually are… (Shows Gainsville FL, we’re in Panama City). Needless to say this is annoying. Instead of our clock showing Central time like it should and use to now it shows Eastern. Also, our weather is no longer accurate and if you use the “current” location function on clock widget 3 for instance, we get the wrong cities all the time no matter where we go it never shows the right location…like I said, 5 to 6 hours off driving time anyways. The rest of the functions look great. Oh, and the weather widget for the phone also gives me and error that leaves my screen before I can even see what it says and then freezes my Eris when I hit the refresh button. I hope they fix this BUG AND SOON!!!

  51. “i did my update and turned my phone back on and ALL MY CONTACTS ARE MISSING! someone please help.”

    I updated last night and 99% of my contacts are still missing today…anybody still experiencing this problem?? All of my texts still exist and I’ve been able to go through and figure out who they were from and resave the numbers, but otherwise I’ve lost everything :(

    Also, does anyone know how to turn the new “message sent” function off? I really don’t need to receive a text every time I send one, but I can’t figure out how to stop it!


  52. I got the update late last night and installed it this morning. All my contacts were deleted and not just on my phone but in my gmail account as well. When I first logged back on to my phone it sync’d automatically and that us when it deleted everything. I suggest backing up your contacts to your SD card and creating an csv file from your gmail account just to be safe prior to installing the update. Also, suggest turning off that auto sync in your phone settings prior to install.

  53. I got the update and it deleted all my contacts, settings, themes, and pictures!!!!!!! What do I do?! I had 600 contacts!

  54. are your contacts erased??????????????????

  55. I am soooo scared that my contacts are gone!!! I want to cry !!

  56. My Eris is working great after the update!

  57. Just got my update this morning. Nothing was deleted from my phone…..all apps, contacts etc still there but running 2.1 :)

  58. The manual sync worked…mostly. Some of my contacts linked to facebook still don’t have photos and I’ve synced them twice…

  59. Installing my OTA update now

  60. Robert who wrote “My girlfriend’s Eris just downloaded the update, installed it, rebooted, looks great (but wait for it), she unlocked it and all we get is a black screen that says HTC in the middle of it.”

    I know this screen, get it every time I reboot my eris with 1.5/6 OS on it. Maybe she/you have not seen it because the phone is never powered down/rebooted? On mine when it appears, just wait 2 minutes or so and the home screen loads. It’s like the “MS Windows” screen that shows up when windows is loading, before the login screen.

  61. So I let the update run… Contacts gone, all apps gone. Not only did it delete my contacts it wiped out all of my google contacts online because a “sync” update ran after the phone rebooted. Called tech support and the just suggested I “wait and see”. What kind of cracker jack operation is Verizon running?

  62. Update since my last post: upgrade complete, awesome. Favorite change: lightening-fast responsiveness. I always thought I needed a faster processor like that of the moto droid or iphone, but now I realize it was merely the 1.5 OS. Andriod 2.1 speeds up everything! home screens, app loading, screen switching, pop-up screens for selecting items, everything is fast.

    Update to Robert about the “HTC screen freezing”… mine did the same first time after updating to 2.0… but just wait 5-10 minutes. I chose to do nothing when my screen appeared to freeze, and 5+ minutes later everything was fine.

    Also if your contacts were previously “google” account contacts, they will reload automatically within 10-30 minutes after upgrade.

    Last, there are a ton of new settings to choose from, some new apps to update like facebook, google maps (now called just “Maps”), and more.

    Cannot say enough great things about this 2.0 upgrade. Got my eris in January 2010, accountant small biz owner, California.

  63. So I downloaded the new upgrade thinking it would be all great and stuff… only to find out that I have to RESET everything that I had personalized on my phone… AND I have lost all my contacts. NOT COOL. Shouldn’t they send out some sort of information disclaimer that tells us more than the generic? An upgrade shouldn’t be setting you back to square one, but adding to what you already have. I could care less about being able to pinch the screen, I liked my phone the way it was and now I have to reset everything. Not happy.

  64. What is the difference between a google contact and a local phone contact? My google contact sync DOESN’T WORK and it NEVER HAS. I took my phone to verizon when I first noticed the problem months ago and they said it’s a glitch, it should fix itself soon. But it never has. So how do I get my contacts back????? I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

  65. I’ve already had the update and lost a lot of contacts. Is there a way to get these back?

  66. +1 on the advice that your Google contacts will re-appear mysteriously a while after the update. Mine dropped off after I did the update today about 4 hours ago. Googling for an answer brought me here and before I could read through all the comments, my Google Contacts re-appeared.

  67. Manually foced install and works great. Didn’t lose any data;) only thing is while charging screen doesn’t intelligently dim. Big loss.

  68. ““My girlfriend’s Eris just downloaded the update, installed it, rebooted, looks great (but wait for it), she unlocked it and all we get is a black screen that says HTC in the middle of it. If I hold down the power button a menu comes up allowing me to shut it down, I’ve done this, brought it back up, we still login in and get black screen w/HTC. Anyone having this issue?”
    Chances are its just your phone not the 2.1 update, I have an eris as well and installed the leaked unfinished version of 2.1 two months ago with no issues. Just take it to Verizon and they will deal with it. Your girlfriend’s phone has a 1 year warranty so you’ll be taken care of.

    It’s not the phone or the update at fault, in fact, its not a fault. It does that. You just have to be patient and let it finish rather than turning it on and off. Mine was like that for abit. I just let it do its thing. Its fine now

  69. I got this update on my Droid Eris on the 12th or 13th. I installed the update and everything but now my phone seems to be slower…particularly with texting. Anybody else having these problems?

  70. It’s true! My dad got 2.1 update (OTA) today.
    I’m not waiting for mine. I’ve been glaring at my dad’s phone with envy for the last 9ish hours. Haha.

  71. I got my update this morning and everything worked out great.

  72. I got the update and its sweet but there is no live wallpapers and the new photo gallery is not there kinda frustrating cuz those are both great features that i expected to get any one know how to get them??

  73. Hv the update..not liking it.could not access my email accts,browser requires me to type the address, contacts were listed as numbers & unknown only..now they are listed twice w/the land line as a # to rec text message.HELP.& the pinch requires patience

  74. Just got my update OTA for my droid eris and my husband’s. Took me a minute to get my contacts back. I have seen the difference while browsing the web and the pinch to see all home screens while on the home screen. The programs and apps I downloaded are still there and so are photos. I still don’t know how to access all of the goodies listed in the article above. So far no problems though. Oh, I don’t know how the power meter (or whatever it’s called) works.

  75. So after my update the Power butto nno longer locks my screen, i have to wait until the screen times out to lock…anyone else have this problem? I hit the power button and it does nothing at all unless i hold it down to power off

  76. I installed the update this morning and all I had to do to get my contacts back was Settings>Accounts and Sync>Sync google account! worked like a charm!

  77. how do i get my contacts to have facebook display pictures? I had them all before I did the update.

  78. I’m in the same boat a sheri above. I got the update this morning and Exchange required me to set a password. Now, every time I take the phone out of sleep mode, I have to enter my password to unlock it. I know its more secure, but it’s just annoying having to do it every time. But, I don’t see anywhere that I can disable it. I’d even settle for the old screen pattern unlock, but having to type in a password every time SUCKS.

  79. Like a lot of other people, my contact are gone, except for a few restaurants, which is just bizarre. A few people had suggested going to Settings>Accounts and Sync>Sync Google account… But if my contact PHONE numbers aren’t saved in my Google account, then that’s just useless and still doesn’t work.

    Does anyone have another idea for the people who don’t have Google contact phone numbers saved in Google, just on the phone itself??

    I tried sending a text, and when I tried to add a name using the “recently used” function, it listed all the contact names… so I’m utterly confused. How can it list their names in one spot, but not recognize them in another?!?!

    Halp pls.

  80. Got the update this morning. My lock screen is now password protected, which I actually find to be kind of a pain. Is there anyway to disable the password? I haven’t figured it out yet.

  81. Received the update this morning.
    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (don’t know if that has anything to do with the OTA).
    Before you update it tells you that your contact information will be lost. Syncing with Google is easy and you should already be setup with a Google account. When I purchased my phone in December Verizon setup my Google account.
    After the install just sync with Google and your contact are back. Then sync with Facebook and your contacts and Facebook are linked again.
    It also states that your home pages will be set to the factory presets.
    I am liking the new graphics. Wished the update would have come on a weekend. I’m at work and all I want to do is play with my phone.
    Other then contacts, Facebook links, home screens and visual voicemail (you’ll need to upgrade visual voicemail) I haven’t seen anything else that was lost.

  82. Is there a way to NOT use a Facebook-linked contact’s Facebook photo in 2.1? I was able to do that in 1.3.

    I really dislike my Facebook-linked contact’s Facebook profile picture but I do not want to lose the link.

  83. I got my OTA today may 17th, everything went smooth.Nothing in my phone got deleted. Even my settings were unchanged. my contacts were gone but synced with gmail automatically and all is back included my favorites. But where in the world is swipe to unlock?????

  84. The text message notification is indeed very annoying, I just figured out how to turn it off.

    Click all Programs > Messages > Press the Menu Button > Then click Settings > Unclick the Sent Notification Box.

  85. I received my update this morning. It had a disclaimer that said some customizations would need to be reconfigured and that you would need to re-link your contact addresses. It did NOT say that my contacts would be GONE!!! I thought I’d have to reconfigure my favorites or re-link to Facebook and twitter accounts, but didn’t expect them to be GONE!
    After reading comments here, I sync’d my Google contacts and I’m happy to say that they came back. Even the Facebook links came back after I resync’d the Facebook contacts. Even my groups came back once the contacts were there.
    I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief right now and can start enjoying the new features like being able to see the time stamp on a text message as well as the date.

  86. I got the update and everything is working fine for me except one thing. I went in the settings, applications, manage applications and it keeps force closing on me. I am not able to remove any applications or clear cache. Anyone else having this issue? I don’t want to resent my whole phone of it’s not going to correct the issue. Other than that, I love the update ;)

  87. I got my update last night and it erased a lot of things but I was mostly worried about my contacts.
    If you go to settings then to accounts and sync. hit the sync now key and it takes a minute and it will get all of your contacts back. I was pretty happy.

  88. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I received my update late Saturday night. I didn’t lose anything. Every single app and contact I had is still on the phone. I did a manual sync for my Google and Facebook contacts. Before I synced Facebook, the phone had recovered some of my Facebook contacts so when I manually synced I did it three times in a row and all my FB contacts were back. I did have to rebuild my screens which took about an hour. I like the update so far, it’s like I have a new phone.

  89. For all of you are complaining about the contacts being lost – when the update availability message was given on your phone, it clearly stated that the contacts would be lost when applying this update. Slow down and read the instructions.

  90. About 85% of my contacts were deleted when I updated my phone around 11:00am EST. None of my contacts were stored in the Google database or were “Google” contacts. About 5 hours later at 4pm my contacts were all restored… thank goodness.

  91. the way you get contacts back is going to the new sync feature under settings and click sync contacts

  92. Got my update on Sunday, and of course experienced everything that you all have experienced. One thing I haven’t seen you all mention is the fact that after the Google Contacts are synced it still does not fix the “list of numbers called” when you hit the “phone” button. Even though the names are in my “people” list, the numbers show up as “unknown” – has anyone found how to fix this? I went to the Verizon store today and the guy was a moron, didn’t know why or how to fix. Although, he was able to get my phone to talk to my bluetooth earpiece again. I too am upset that I lost my picture on my wallpaper – grr. On the upnote, I like the enhancements.

  93. Got my update this morning… contacts were jacked up; wouldn’t sync. Hooked up a debugger and this is the error that keeps repeating:
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): Writing exception to parcel
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): android.content.OperationApplicationException: Found value 13 when expected 10 for column version
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at android.content.ContentProviderOperation.apply(ContentProviderOperation.java:244)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at com.android.providers.contacts.SQLiteContentProvider.applyBatch(SQLiteContentProvider.java:200)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at com.android.providers.contacts.ContactsProvider2.applyBatch(ContactsProvider2.java:2367)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at com.android.providers.contacts.CContactsProvider2.applyBatch(CContactsProvider2.java:110)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at android.content.ContentProvider$Transport.applyBatch(ContentProvider.java:169)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at android.content.ContentProviderNative.onTransact(ContentProviderNative.java:197)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:287)
    05-17 17:14:11.436: ERROR/DatabaseUtils(220): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method)
    05-17 17:14:11.446: ERROR/CheckinService(74): Can’t find package com.android.providers.im
    05-17 17:14:11.446: ERROR/CheckinService(74): Can’t find package com.myriad.statusbar

    So, I am removing all of my account data by doing a factory reset… that way if there was bad data in the database it’s gone. Will update with results….

  94. My speed dial no longer works. It won’t save the contacts. I finally called Verizon. The tech tried to replicate and had the same result. He said it definitely was a glitch and he’d report it. If enough people complained, maybe they’d come out with a fix for it someday…

  95. I got mine last night, and i was a little confused. It was like the same day i got my phone. Didn’t know how to use it, and now it was confusing me even more. I loved having my big clock with the weather underneath, the iconic HTC look. Now its gone, and all i can get on my home screen is a small analog clock. I have all my contacts synced to facebook, and it took almost 10 hours for them to resync after the update. I guess I’ll be a little happier after I re-learn my phone again… >.<

  96. Definitely lost some personal settings, but synced my contacts and all were restored. Other odd issues, though. Cannot program speed dial. Apps turn on randomly, using up battery life and memory, especially Amazon MP3 store and Voice Dialer. Task Killer stops them briefly and then they return. No wifi gadget to turn wireless internet on/off. Anyone else notice any of these issues?

  97. @Dew (post 90)


  98. Has some issues with the system update. When it was ready to restart the phone, it would reload then (of course) every application and it’s brother would restart with the phone and I would get an out of memory error and the installation would abort. I had to uninstall all the programs that kept opening on the reboot.

    Now it works fine, but I am not having luck with the FBook sync to my contacts. I used to have them all linked, so you could see their FB photo etc. No one in the “people” contact app have pictures anymore. (except for my contact card, oddly enough)
    I have tried syncing over and over, but it’s not working.

  99. I have had no issues with the update other than I cannot get my contacts to sync with Facebook. When I manually try to sync them, I get, “Sorry! The process com.htc.bg has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close”
    I know some of you have had this issue as well, just wondering if anyone has figured out what the deal is, or how to fix it! Other than that, the update has been incredible for me.

  100. ***UPDATE*** go to the market and search for an app called “facebook sync”. install that and run it. i have just a little over 2000 friends on f/b and it did take about 5 mins or so to get their information, then it matched the people on my droid with their f/b account. after that, you’ll need to go through and match them up one by one…kind of a pain, but it worked, and now all of my contacts are back to the way they used to be.

  101. Same as Andrew above with the “sorry” message over and over when trying to sync facebook. It was a big point of my phone before, now I dont care for it much. I want my facebook sync back. I tried removing, rebooting, reinstalling, still dosnt want to sync my facebook contacts when I tell it to. Frustrating. Unhappy.

  102. Anyone have a walk around for the lock code yet? Been messing with it since I got it. Still no results. lol Other than that love the update. Didn’t lose any data. Just want my pattern lock back. :p

  103. I have to unlock my phone constantly due to a required password unlock function. Cannot figure out how to turn this off. Any ideas?

  104. I’m getting the random apps turning on and killing my battery too, esp. Amazon MP3 store and Voice Dialer. I lost my HTC weather/clock widget, but a factory reset (annoying) fixed that. But the stupid MP3 app etc. won’t go away even after killing it. Is there a fix?

  105. Updated today. Lost all contacts initially. Got them back about 30 min later. Be patient. Also be patient when downloading. Let it do its thing. All is well now. No problems.

  106. The requirement to enter a password to unlock your phone seems to be coming from a security policy on the exchange server that you’re synching with (assuming you are synching with an exchange server). Apparently version 1.5 did not pass this policy along to your phone, but 2.1 does.

    This was the problem I had and I fixed it by contacting my exchange provider (1and1.com in my case) and asking them to remove the passcode lock requirement for my account. Surprisingly, they knew what I was talking about and I am now no longer required to enter the password to unlock my phone.

  107. I had the same problem as Sheri & Jacob..
    (48. sheri wrote on May 15, 2010)
    (79. Jacob wrote on May 17, 2010)

    I connected my coworkers “Droid Incredible” running Android 2.1 to our Exchange server via Active Sync. Then I set the policy on the Exchange server to require a password, just to test that feature. It worked but even after changing the policy I could not remove the pw from the phone. There is only an option to change the pw but not to remove it. I had to remove the email account from the phone and then re-add it to correct the issue. Then I put back my coworkers pattern required for unlocking.

    This may have been a matter of time before the active sync policy updated but I don’t think so because when I made the change to require the pw it happened immediately upon entering the mailbox on the phone.

    If you want the password gone then try making sure the active sync policy is set not to require a pw and then re-add the account on the phone. (FYI I am running exchange 2010 and all the contacts, calendar, emails came back)

  108. If you hit the little arrow up button on your homescreen and go to “People”, all your contacts should be there. You’ll have to resync your facebook and google, but contacts should all still be on phone if you manually go to the “people” address book through your icons. It will delete from your screens and you will need to readd.

  109. Anyone know what the 19 exchange policies that it supports now??

  110. so when i did my update, all of my contacts names were deleted, some of them have come back and a lot of people were erased from my system. Also, my phone refuses to power off, open any applications, or ring. Any suggestions because im lost.

  111. I updated my Droid Eris also like a couple of days ago and everything was working fine before the update, now everytime i try to listen to music or access my media it says “the process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly. please try again” and when i do try again it will say the same thing. i have tried everything from restarting it and taking the battery out to trying to change my settings but nothing will happen. also when i try to customize my emamil it wont do it it says my gmail account is not valid but it is.. what can i do??

  112. Anyone habing issues with battery life after the update? My battert drains within a couple of hours and phone gets warm.

  113. Just wondering if anyone who installed one of the leaks has received their OTA update yet. I installed leak v.2 about a month ago, but from what I’ve been reading even those of us who jumped the gun should get the OTA. Anyone? Thanks.

  114. Updated my Droid Eris, have all contacts, but for some reason I can’t edit my contact card. HELP ME!! Please….

  115. I can’t hit the end button and make phone sleep. I have to wait for the “time-out” to finish.
    My linked facebook contacts were gone but reappeared a day later. (My google contacts were fine)
    Several programs come up to force close
    Battery was terrible first few days but seems better each day (been 5 now)
    I’ve had many apps do an update and that seems to have fixed a lot of the problems. Be sure to run those.
    The phone also runs unbelievably slow – at times –
    Overall I am not happy at all.

  116. My mother updated her Eris a few days ago, lost all contacts. I kind of expected that, and we’re both over that. What is bothering us, however, are a few new changes. For some reason, the notification sound has been changed, and will not change to anything else. It is the same sound for incoming and outgoing messages. In addition, each time the phone sends a message, it places a notification at the top of the screen that is slightly annoying to get rid of.

  117. Got the update and now all my contacts on facebook that have their number published is in the list when I click on phone. I do not want all them folks listed to have to scroll thru! HELP!!!!!!

  118. I go the update and my phone seemed slower and now i cant recieve calls or make any calls. What do i do?

  119. Password on exchnage server needs to be fixed by folks that run the server – no way to disable it yourself.

    Phone battery life is seriously depleting…is 2.1 using more juice?

  120. After updating to 2.1, I can’t connect my phone to the PC to move files between the SD card and my PC (to backup pictures, etc.). SD card is still recognized on the phone. Phone does charge when connected to the PC via USB. I have the phone set to ask me what to default to when I connect to the PC, but it doesn’t ask and it doesn’t give me any options use the SD card as a drive, either on the phone or the PC.

  121. Guys Im pretty sure this update doesnt come out with motorola.

  122. Since the upgrade my individual ringtones don’t work. Even though the UI says that it has assigned a ringtone to a contact it still only uses the default ring-tone.

  123. Search People and People are not the same list? How is that possible?

  124. question: I’m about to update, but will I lose all of the pictures I took with my phone? I already synced up my contacts since it says you will lose them, but doesn’t say anything about your pictures? Anybody know about this?

  125. So the contacts come back if you just sync and give it time.

    I’m not sure if my problem is a glitch, or I’m doing something wrong. The personalization (Scene) I had is gone. The factory clock options and weather on the home screen are no longer on my phone, at all. I tried putting the widgets on myself and they are nowhere to be found. Same goes for my “Favorite people” screen and text message scren.

    Is there something I’m not doing?

  126. Terry D. wrote on May 18, 2010

    I’m getting the random apps turning on and killing my battery too, esp. Amazon MP3 store and Voice Dialer. I lost my HTC weather/clock widget, but a factory reset (annoying) fixed that. But the stupid MP3 app etc. won’t go away even after killing it. Is there a fix?


  127. Response to number 93 above…

    Sheri, mine did the same thing. All I had to do was go into People, and from the menu screen select Import/Export. I exported my contacts to the SDCard, then imported them. It fixed the issue.

    I’ve liked this phone less and less during my time with it, but this update fixed some of the more annoying problems I’ve had with it. If only it’s reception were better…

  128. Does anyone know how to stop the random apps from turning on? i haven’t even used them! It’s killing my battery. Not impressed with this update. I loved the phone before but now i’m starting to dislike it.

  129. Yeah I was having the same problem with random apps turning on and sucking up my battery. I found a solution over at http://droideris2.1.bolingbrookinfoguide.com
    so far its been working a lot better. Thank goodness because I was starting to get really annoyed with it.

  130. My wife has the droid eris and cancelled the 2.1 upgrade. Is there anyway that she can get that pushed out to her or download it somewhere?


  131. I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. She compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It’s like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!

  132. Verizon and HTC thank you! I downloaded the OTA update today and all went well. I didn’t not try the last update about a month ago so this was seemless. If you wait for 20 minutes or so it should sync up with no problems. Thanks again

  133. I downloaded the last update and my Eris has worked pretty crappy ever since. I am hesitant to run this update but will do so. If it doesn’t get better, Verizon will be getting a visit from me real soon. They sold this as such a great phone but so far I am far from impressed. It has as many glitches as my Storm had. Maybe it is time to call it a day and go back to a plain old cell phone because I am not finding much “smart” about these gadget phones.

  134. Got my update and no problems here. No ssues before and no issues after. More apps to browse in the market and no loss of any apps, emails, pictures or contacts, etc. Took no effort at all and appears to have been worth it. Phone is snappier when dialing and voice quality isd slightly better.

  135. It is now November and I still have not received my update…does anyone know why?

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