Jun 10th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:51 pm

After a very long wait, it’s being reported that root access has finally been achieved on the tough-as-nails HTC Droid Incredible. The team behind Unrevoked – the same team that came out with one of the root methods for the HTC EVO 4G – are the benefactors in this milestone, however the process for rooting the Incredible isn’t as simple as it is on their other supported devices.


Taking a look at the instructions, it does appear to be quite a risky process (compared to other methods, anyway), but taking your time and ensuring you follow each step very carefully could take you a long way. The team is working on getting an easier process out in the near future, but if you have the guts to get your hands dirty, make your way to Unrevoked now for the full instructions. You might also want to sign up for an XDA account if you haven’t already and report any issues you come across at this thread.

[Update]: And if you fancy mingling with the crowd at our sister site AndroidForums.com, then a root section for the Droid Incredible has been opened over there for you to do just that. Thanks, Anonimac!

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