May 17th, 2010

Verizon’s “Droid” line of phones (pretty much most of their Android line-up) benefits from their unified naming scheme that gets mentioned in every single commercial Verizon seems to be airing these days. The Motorola Droid was the first to show that a good marketing blitz can be effective in successfully selling a phone, and some believe that same success will spill over to the Droid Incredible.

It’s reported that Verizon sold 100,000 Droid Incredibles within the first two days of the device’s launch, and – if not for the back-orders and shipping delays – the numbers would probably be significantly higher at the end of that week. Unfortunately, even Verizon is susceptible to shortage problems and simply can’t meet up with the phone’s increasing demand.


According to LoWell McAdam – Big Red’s CEO – if they could outpace demand, the Droid Incredible would be well on track to have better successes than the Motorola Droid (and that’s no small mountain to climb). Speaking to MSNBC, he states that the primary reason being given for the shipment delays (which are expected to last through June 4th) have been the difficulty in getting the phone’s parts produced fast enough to manufacture more devices (specifically, the Super AMOLED display has been one of the biggest components that HTC literally can’t seem to get enough of.)

It’s no surprise that they can’t get their hands on enough components to put more devices together: it packs a lot of primitive and expensive technology into a nice end-product that takes a lot of time to satisfy the hungry hands of smartphone lovers everywhere. Considering they don’t expect things to pick back up until June 4th, I can only imagine they’ll be missing a huge opportunity as many potentially look to get their hands on an HTC EVO 4G, instead. Are you still affected by these delays? Are you planning on ditching the Incredible for its second cousin (probably twice removed), the EVO 4G?

[via BGR]

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