Droid Incredible Could “Definitely” Outsell The Motorola Droid, Sans Shortages


Verizon’s “Droid” line of phones (pretty much most of their Android line-up) benefits from their unified naming scheme that gets mentioned in every single commercial Verizon seems to be airing these days. The Motorola Droid was the first to show that a good marketing blitz can be effective in successfully selling a phone, and some believe that same success will spill over to the Droid Incredible.

It’s reported that Verizon sold 100,000 Droid Incredibles within the first two days of the device’s launch, and – if not for the back-orders and shipping delays – the numbers would probably be significantly higher at the end of that week. Unfortunately, even Verizon is susceptible to shortage problems and simply can’t meet up with the phone’s increasing demand.


According to LoWell McAdam – Big Red’s CEO – if they could outpace demand, the Droid Incredible would be well on track to have better successes than the Motorola Droid (and that’s no small mountain to climb). Speaking to MSNBC, he states that the primary reason being given for the shipment delays (which are expected to last through June 4th) have been the difficulty in getting the phone’s parts produced fast enough to manufacture more devices (specifically, the Super AMOLED display has been one of the biggest components that HTC literally can’t seem to get enough of.)

It’s no surprise that they can’t get their hands on enough components to put more devices together: it packs a lot of primitive and expensive technology into a nice end-product that takes a lot of time to satisfy the hungry hands of smartphone lovers everywhere. Considering they don’t expect things to pick back up until June 4th, I can only imagine they’ll be missing a huge opportunity as many potentially look to get their hands on an HTC EVO 4G, instead. Are you still affected by these delays? Are you planning on ditching the Incredible for its second cousin (probably twice removed), the EVO 4G?

[via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. sorry folks…going EVO 4G Style..game, set, match..

  2. I don’t know how many people are going to switch carriers over it. If they could get a large shipment it would be smart to do a second launch of the thing and create more hype. I pretty much figure they won’t loose to many people to anything besides another Android phone on their network.

  3. I will be giving up my incredible for the Evo. Mainly because of the h720p recording capabilities.

  4. Google should’ve done this kind of marketing with N1 thus out selling the Droid.I hope though that even if the fone
    did not sells as well as other fones, that
    They give it another try with a N2…,,

  5. Already pre-ordered by Evo 4g…thought about goin with the incredible but the front facing camera, recording in 720p and the larger screen plus unlimited mobile to mobile for only 69.99 was too much to pass up. Oh yea not including the 4g capabilities…if you’re gonna wait til june 4th why not get the evo?

  6. Love the EVO, but not switching from Verizon.

  7. I went to pick up an Incredible this weekend, and heard about the delay to the 4th. Since I’m switching carriers anyway (on tmo now), I figure I’ll just wait and check out the Evo first, and see what I think.

  8. EVO 4G, nice phone, suck ass carrier in my area. Therefore no deal. Not to mention that regardless of which you get the EVO or Incredible you are stuck with a Sense UI phone meaning who knows how long for Froyo to come, going by previous experience. This is why the Nexus One and Moto Droid still have top spots in my book for the goto Android handsets.

  9. Don’t see too many people choosing a phone over less quality service (Sprint drops nearly twice as many calls as Verizon).

  10. I bet Verizon is super pissed. HTC somehow has shortages until the 4th, the same day the EVO comes out? Conspiracy?

  11. @Zaggs that’s definitely a “YMMV” factor, applicable to any carrier.

  12. for the vast unwashed masses- they aren’t going to switch from VZW to Sprint for a phone. It’s just not going to happen.

    Maybe us not jobs :-) – but not the typical customer.

    Until The Droid VZW had NOTHING that compared to the iphone- yet Verizon held their own to ATT. Verizon subs weren’t as a whole running to ATT. Seems T-mobile and sprint subs will switch at the drop of a hat, but not verizon subs.

  13. Am I missing something? The story reports the phone has a “Super AMOLED”. This is not correct, right?

  14. … wow eli ur right since when did htc get a display that even samsung didnt release yet

  15. Off topic, I know, but “it packs a lot of primitive and expensive technology into a nice end-product that takes a lot of time to satisfy the hungry hands of smartphone lovers everywhere…?” What does that even mean? The technology is primitive? And takes a lot of time to satisfy users? I’m not even sure what this sentence means.

    1. @Dave primitive = new, early (think early adopters). A lot of time to satisfy = it takes time to manufacture a product which – when it’s finally in your hands – would satisfy you.

  16. I know quite a few peeps whose contracts are up this month and in June and are still on the fence between Incredible and Evo 4G. I’ll be heading out for the Evo 4G personally.

  17. Does anybody know why the incredible cannot record in hd, even though it has the same camera as the Evo?

  18. Now, I see that the HTC Incredible is on backorder until 6/8 per the VZ website…wth…I placed my order last week and was given 5/29 as my ship date but I see that is not going to happen now…as for switching.. ummm why switch carriers when or if you get a phone you will not have the service required for that phone.. I am sticking with verizon as they have less dropped calls and a larger calling area…(look at the map lol)…I wish though they would update there customers on date changes instead of having to go to the site or read about it online…ugggh

  19. For me a physical keyboard is very important. the first smartphones I owned lacked one. Once i got my droid i realized how superior having a real keyboard was. It frees up screen real estate, it makes some navigation and games easier. the onboard and the physical can realy compliment each other. sometimes one works better for a perticular job than another, and it gives you that true feeling of having a real pocket computer . So for me neither phone is up to the task. To bad to they both look sweet, and having the speed of 4g would be nice.

  20. @Zaggs: you can disable sense on the Evo. There is an article on here about it. It’s replaced with the nexus Launcher.

  21. You guys are retards. You jump to whatever phone comes out. Why would u get the incredible in the first place if your gonna go thru all that trouble to break your contract pay the ETF just to get the next hottest phone. I bet you there are a ton of people who jumped from the droid went to the incredible and are changing carriers to get the EVO. What r you going to do when the Droid 2 is released in a couple of months? Run back to Verizon. You do realize that a new and better smartphone will be released every 3 to 4 months.

  22. Not sure why people bash Sprint’s service, I have them for my company phone and I have never dropped a call. I have Verizon for my personal phone and I’m switching that over to get the EVO. They both have coverage everywhere I’ve traveled, so maybe if you live out in bfe Verizon is better.

  23. I haven’t dropped a call yet on Sprint since I got the Touch Pro 2. The Phone Hardware has a lot to do with cell reception.I Cant wait for the EVO… Should be the same or better build quality than TP2 with EVERYTHING ELSE except sliding keyboard

  24. 720p on the inc is a software limitation, not hardware one. it will most likely be enabled with 2.2

    as for service 69.99 + 10 for 4G (as it appears will be an extra) is only $10 more then Verizons 59.99 + 30 for 3g.

    each of those plans is 450 minutes. verizons family plan with data and unlimited is cheaper then sprints unlimited with data and 4g…

  25. @ Eli
    I was wondering the same thing.

  26. BML… not true… verizons 450 min plan is 39.99 + $5 for 250 msgs/$10 for 500+in/unlimited, then the $30 for data=min with 500 msgs is $80… which if youre like me, going to sprint would all of save me 10 dollars a month for lesser coverage. Playing it safe with verizon.

  27. BML that is 80 for sprint and 90 for verizon. Sprint is cheaper.

  28. @Eli.

    YES. it has a super AMOLED Screen. Hence “Incredible”

    it’s the most brilliant screen ever put on a phone. look it up.

  29. Evo 4G is not compatible with VZW LTE once become ready on Q1 next year. Which means you will have to buy another phone and break your contract if another magnificent phone comes out with VZW LTE. LTE is SIM card driven unlike WiMax.

  30. @kshawn
    No it doesn’t… look it up. :|

  31. KMA is correct, the Droid Incredible does not have a Super AMOLED display. As far as I know, Samsung is the only one with Super AMOLED screens on the way.
    Quentyn, if you are suggesting that the AMOLED display is great (aka ‘super’), I suggest you pick a different word that won’t cause this type of confusion. Good article other than that.

  32. The “Super AMOLED” (capital ‘S’) is a Samsung product which will make is debut with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S. The word “super” should probably be used with a lower-case ‘s’ to designate how awesome the display is ;-)

  33. That’s incorrect. “primitive” means old or basic, i.e. a club is primitive compared to a sword, or a horse and buggy is primitive compared to a Lamborghini, or a pen and paper is primitive compared to a slate PC.

  34. @Grammar Police: it can be used to define something that is first-in-class. It’s “primitive” because it’s among the first of its kind to use the technology, not necessarily because the technology is “old” or “basic”. At least that’s what my old literature course taught me.

  35. The incredible screen is amoled not super amoled there is a difference

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