Apr 12th, 2010

Remember that rumor that the HTC Droid Eris would be getting its honorable discharge from “Big Red” in the beginning of April? Yea, that didn’t actually happen, but the rumor has made its way back under the microscope in a different form. According to BerryScoop – again – we should be seeing the Droid Eris dissolve into inventory nothingness come “Late May”.


Like Rob asserted to in reporting the original story, I don’t think this makes much sense at all for Verizon. Even with the strengthened rumors regarding the HTC Incredible, I find it odd that the Droid Eris is being “replaced” so soon. It would make more sense to allow these devices to co-exist and target them to different audiences: the Droid Eris seems like it’d appeal more to a younger crowd while the Incredible could be targeted at techies and business guys that need as much power out of their phone as they can get for demanding tasks.


The internal memo itself doesn’t do its job of convincing me any justice – which is why we’re still going to treat this as a rumor – so we hope Verizon will be able to shed some light on this very soon. Until then, what do you think about this move if it turns out to be true? Will any of you Droid Eris owners be afraid that HTC and Verizon will soon halt hardware and software support for the phone as soon as – and if – this move is made?

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