Next Generation of Droid to Be Unveiled June 23



They weren’t kidding when they said the next Droid might be unveiled next week, as an official invite has gone out to media outlets for a press event that promises to unveil the next generation of Droid. Motorola, Verizon, and even Adobe are teaming up to showcase either the Droid X, Droid 2, or both…they  didn’t quite say which.


My gut feeling is we’ll be seeing both since at least the Droid 2 is rumored to be getting Android 2.2, and Adobe would love to be there to show off Flash 10.1. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if the Droid X came with Froyo at launch too. We’ll be on hand with all the coverage you could want of the event, so stay tuned as over the next few weeks New York is playing host to not one but two big phone launch events (the other being the Samsung Galaxy S).

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  1. Sure hope the battery life on the x is good…y0

  2. WOW! The second picture of the supposed Droid 2 blows me away! The screen looks dazzling, and the design, well pretty much perfect. Will certainly be waiting for these to be released before upgrading. And I am sick of Apple at the moment so this could be the answer to my prayers! :D

    Don’t let us down please Moto! Don’t shove in a 550 MHz processor again, that was so very disappointing about the Droid XT720.

  3. What the heck happened to phandroid yeserday? Anyway. Im definitely getting the x. Il sell a kidney! The droid 2 looks ok but it has nothing really outstanding

  4. This is pretty nice. I’m sure the battery life will be decent. This is not HTC we’re talking about.

  5. Watch out what you ask for Android might answer it and you might blow your mind rofl


  6. @jahy I do believe the front facing camera was shown in a old sneak peek of the X However even if so it is always good to wait and see in life before jumping to a conclusion

  7. Dear god T-Mobile needs to get something as nice looking as the Droid 2. All of these different radio bands, and phones not being multi-band, makes it impossible to even buy off-network half the time for 3G devices. Sigh.

  8. So it doesn’t make sense for Moto to unveil two similar smartphones on the same network. I wonder if the Droid X IS the Droid 2 just closer to production quality. If that is the case I hope the X takes place of the 2 since the X looks way better.

    However, Moto can do what they want, I’ll just have even more Android options to choose from on Verizon.

  9. Front Camera is a must now, don’t miss the boat by coming out with an incomplete product. Some other suggestion:
    * 720p 30fps video recording
    * Camera flash (you’re an innovator if you put one also for the front camera).
    * Scratch proof glass (same as Droid/Milestone).
    * Tactile qwerty keyboard (we don’t need any mouse, touch screen is good enough).
    * Special software to manage power (centralize 3G manager, spooler, so that 3G only activates at preferred intervals set by the owner/user).
    * Keep or enhance the current Droid/Milestone form factor (it looks classy).
    * Future proof – make this the most upgradeable phone in the market.

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