Motorola Showing The Droid X Off, Too


Verizon and Motorola have already started to get the hype wheels rolling on the launch of their newest “superphone” – the Motorola Droid X – and it’s being taken another small step forward before we expect it to be formally unveiled this Wednesday.


On their website, you can register for updates (as is common with this sort of stuff) to be sent to you by email whenever they have something new to officially announce. There’s not much more to this story, but try to resist the urge of staring directly into the “eye of the Droid” when you go to sign up: it’s possible you could end up in a vegetative and hypnotic state.

[via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update: It’s For a Specific SKU] Droid Incredible Added to Verizon’s Phaseout List?

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  1. This phone will probably be good, but based on the info so far, this really doesn’t bring too much more than screen estate compared to the Droid. Personally, I will wait for the Droid 2 (and see the specs), or jump on the iPhone 4 Bandwagon… Even though the IP4 lacks a hardware keyboard, it’s soft touch keyboard is efficient enough. (Though I don’t like the closed nature of the phone).

    Come on Droid 2. Daddy’s Waiting! Don’t disappoint!

  2. 1 st another great phone from moto

  3. This might be the best Android phone ever built. Props to Motorola, thanks to Android, they are relevant again.

  4. @Calvin
    The specs for the Droid X and Droid 2 are suppose to be the same in terms of processor and memory so if you don’t think the Droid X is nothing special then you aren’t going to like the Droid 2 with it’s 5mp camera no hdmi, no 720p recording. I personally can’t wait for the X it’s faster than the Incredible and the first Droid and the screen looks gorgeous.

  5. Calvin,
    I am really puzzled about your modest view of Droid X. Droid 2 is definitely below in the scale. And yes, iPhone 4 is great but not better than X and yes – quite restricted.

  6. I’d like to see this phone sellin more than the first DROID, I think verizon is goin to do a good job with the commercials

  7. Sucks for Verizon customers when they finally get to purchase their dream “DROID” phone the next one comes out LMAO!

    Sent from my not-soon-to-be-replaced-by-the-next-one Nexus One

  8. @eddie better than having a toy of an android being replaced with yet another neutered android device then the ceo saying “we are happy with our relationship with android”

  9. @Eddie Android
    Yep, I sure do hate having all those amazing options at my finger tips. Seriously, if your gonna complain that Verizon keeps releasing great phone after great phone, maybe you should be complaining to your carrier. Yes, I might be a little sad when my phone is displaced by a better one in a matter of 6 months but thats a price I am willing to pay to see Android keep maturing. Keep it up, don’t slow down!

  10. @Eddie. Hmm last I checked my phone doesn’t stop working just because a new phone comes out. You dont have to keep up with the joneses you know, there’s more important things in life to worry about. Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest will just leave you stressed out and frustrated. It’s not worth it. Be satisfied with what you have.

  11. @Zach, @Heath-Hunter

    Personally, Droid X Isn’t my cup of tea simply due to it’s large screen. Just as the EVO wasn’t what I wanted. I originally considered it, but after playing with a friend’s unit… I’ve come into a conclusion that the size is just too big.

    The Droid X would have been considered had the 720p screen actually been real. Well, at least I would have given it some reconsideration. I guess like to say, to each their own. I know of course, the Droid X will be an awesome phone to many. Just, not to myself.

    As for the specs, I don’t really care what they say on paper, I want to see real life performances first. And this is also why I considered the iPhone. Even though the 3GS’ processor and ram stinks compared to what we have now, and the iP4 barely keeping up in terms of specs – you really have to praise their software team for the optimizations. For almost half the specs, it’s basically running at the same pace as my Nexus One. Imagine if it had the same specs.

    So yeah, I’ll be waiting to see the actual performance of the Droid 2 first (And because I have an attachment to my Droid, I won’t really want to switch.). Too often we neglect real life performance over the little spec sheet we’re given.

  12. Google knows how to optimize. It’s much faster in froyo and especially the javascript engine.

  13. I don’t think this phone will be an all-time hit, because it’s not practical for most people.

    For people on this Internet forum (i.e. geeks, myself included) this may be a wet dream, but for “most” this phone is too big.

    Heck, that works for me. At least this phone will be in stock when I stroll to the store!!

  14. Great geek phone for sure.

    Practically though, these large expensive phones are asking to be dropped and broken all over the place. Expect Verizon to start charging their customers more for insurance deductible’s and premium’s in the near future.

  15. why the hell doesn’t the Droid X have a front facing camera like the Evo/IP4? I want everything the competition has.

  16. Dogsby….bigger is better! The masses will come around

  17. Droid x is just too big. I’m a big fan of the android phones but it’s still a phone and has to be easily portable. I initially thought the droid was pushing it. If they had a droid x with a 3.7 in screen I would be all over it.

  18. I thought Droid X might be large, but after playing around with an EVO, my decision to go with a droid was final – it’s going to be perfect for me. Not sure about all of you, but I find my Moto droid screen keyboard a bit small, and I never use the pop out hardware kboard. After typing on the EVO’s larger screen, I loved it. PERFECT for my thump size. Regarding the Droid X being a little larger – this is not a problem, as I’ve dropped my current droid a number of times, in part because it’s ‘too small’. So I changed my Inc order to an X, and will be all the happier !

  19. Oh – and regarding front facing camera on Iphone 4, I would have near zero use for it. As far as the whimsical notion of mini video-conferencing, it always falls short. With all the laptops and desktops that have the ability to use video, most don’t because it’s a hassle, and don’t want to be seen anyway.Same on telephones of yesteryears – remember all the hooplah ? On the rare occasion where I need to ‘show somebody’ the ‘neatest thing’ I’m shopping for, live at 5, I can just send a picture. Since the video is only (initially) available on Wifi, and I believe to only other Iphone users, it’s sort of a failure right out of the gate. And regarding folks commenting that it’s too bad that the Droid X can’t show 720P video in HD on the screen – are you kidding me ? Good grief, the resolution is already way over what’s needed – and trying to up it to ‘HD’ offers such significantly little advantage that it hardly warrants discussion. Now, that being said, I’m confident that the DroidX, and others using the new TI processor with all it’s power, will soon be racing to be the first to claim a true ‘HD’ screen.

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