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While I’m sure this site can be used by anyone with a Flash-enabled mobile phone (several Nokia and Windows-based devices in the wild still come to mind), Mochi Media saved the launch of the mobile version of their site – m.mochigames.com – specifically for the launch of Froyo. Starting out, it features 25 games optimized for mobile phones.


Some of the games include Biomass, Magic Towers Solitaire, and more. I expect we’ll see more and more mobile flash games site pop up soon as they work tremendously in Froyo (compared to sites with flash-based ads embedded all over the place doing their part in slowing down the Android browsing experience). I played a few of the games using my mouse and they seemed to work very well and were fun enough to award a bookmark; I’m definitely going to push it to my device using Chrome to Phone whenever I can get my hands on a Froyo-based device. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have kittens to toss around.

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  1. Kongregate, arguably the best Flash games portal out there, has recently struck a deal with Adobe to optimize their vast selection of games. The current implementation can be found here: http://m.kongregate.com/

  2. Kongregate offers a better Flash-gaming experience, and they have a much larger selection of games. m.kongregate.com

  3. Probably a dumb question but. would this work on a skyfire browswer with android 2.1?

  4. Kitty Throw? Now imagine if they had a game called “Seal Club”. LOL

  5. @erisuser

    No. Skyfire is able to detect video, and it will stream a mobile-friendly format to you via their servers. They can’t convert Flash games.

  6. @eriuser
    Nope because its only used for flash videos and usually only when you click on the “Direct Link” to that video. Sorry.

  7. The game on Kongregate work fine on Incredible using Dolphin- Forget stock browser using Flash Lite 4 with 2.1 OS. Dolphin MUCH better with Flash on Incredible.

  8. Its good that there are sites optimized for mobile flash.

  9. These also work with FlashLite (I’m using a HTC Incredible), albeit a bit slowly.

  10. I tried lucky coins and kitty throw on the HTC EVO running 2.1.

    Im not quite sure what to do on lucky coins but it did load.

    Kitty Throw works but it kind of lags. still cool tho but there are better animal throwing games in the android market.

  11. this is a sick game! abusing animals is no joke that how most serial killers are created !!!! shame on people who think this is funny

  12. Check out m.kongregate.com like mentioned before.

    Suddenly Android closed the gap when it comes to games with the iPhone :P

    Just loaded Froyo on my AT&T N1. Haven’t experienced a single issue yet!

  13. @angie Yes, this is indeed how most serial killers are created! As well as violent video games… oh dear.. what ever shall we do…?

    Shame on people who take things way too seriously!

  14. We have created a site specifically for Android flash games. Our goal is to have all the games from both mobile versions of Kongregate and MochiGames.

    Android Void

    The site is still in beta, but we are adding new games every day!

    Thanks for checking us out.

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