May 24th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 24th, 2010, 11:25 am

Brandon Miniman from brought us one of the more interesting comparisons between a Froyo-enabled Nexus One and some other competing phones. He compared the Nexus One’s browser performance to both the iPhone’s and the HTC HD2’s stock browsers (stock browser on newer HTC Sense-enabled WinMo devices is Opera Mobile, and iPhone’s is Safari Mobile).

While the obvious difference between all three of these experiences is the Flash browser, Miniman wasn’t all that impressed with the plugin’s performance. Specifically, it made browsing choppy and slow on pages that had even minimal amounts of embedded Flash content. A few of the demos he ran performed smoothly – such as playing a couple of Flash games and playing a video on YouTube – but the system seemed to get bogged down over time (he even got a notification that his Nexus One was low on space).

The story is much different when there’s no Flash content to deal with, however, as we see the Nexus One spring ahead of its competitors when running a Flash-less From what I could tell, that beta tag for Flash Mobile 10.1 should be taken very seriously as it doesn’t seem to play nicely with Android’s resources right now. How has Flash been to some of you who grabbed the Android 2.2 update early?

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