Want More Sub-$200 Android Tablets? VIA’s Got You Covered


Were you one of those who liked what the Eken M001 had to offer for just $108? You’re going to love what VIA’s expecting you to see by the end of 2010. Bloomberg’s reporting that VIA’s Richard Brown – vice president of marketing –  is expecting around 5 different Android-based tablets to contain their chipset and to clock in at $100-$150.


While the performance-to-price ratio for these devices remain yet to be determined, we can’t help but think that any Android tablet would garner some interest at these price points. In comparison, the cheapest model of Apple’s iPad runs for $499, while we’ve yet to see an Android tablet reach the $300 mark (the most expensive one released to date – the Archos Home 7 tablet – retails for $199.99).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I am a bit skeptical here. Personally I will wait for the Google tablet that is supposed to roll out with a Tegra2 (Cortex A-9) and Android 2.2 late this year.

  2. if you want a sub-$200 tablet, be prepared to be running 1.6 and have 0 flash support.
    Flash support will make or break tablets.

  3. I’m confused, where are these Android Tablets with GHZ processors and 2.2 ready??? For sure people will want a tablet with flash capabilities; coming from a person who owns an iPad.

  4. @prepsel
    He said he is waiting for them.
    We’ve already seen Tegra tablets running 2.1, 2.2 is just the logical thing to wait for at the moment.

  5. It’s tough to read no Anroid tablet has topped $200 when I’m reading it on an Archos 5 IT (32gb) I bought last October for $365. Their 7 HT is discount hardware. If you want 800+ Mhz and GPU you’re over $200 easy. Archos is just way ahead of the tablet rush and Chinese are more price conscius. Note the $100 Ekon gets 2 hours of battery use and mine gets 8 and is Flash ready, not that a $100 unit isn’t an achievement in pricing.

  6. Everyone hush, this will kill ipad. U think average buyers give a crap about flash or processors? Its shiny and its powered by android. The price is great.

  7. I want to see HTC’s Google Tablet.

  8. what are all these cheap crappy android tablets for? Where are the high end devices?

  9. prepsel,

    That familiar feeling is not confusion. It is the realization that you over paid yet again for a medicore Apple product which you will ultimately sell on eBay after you purchase the next iShinyobject to come along.

  10. Regardless of the specs, it’s nice to see some price diversity in this new “tabloid” market.

  11. You know I am not here to bitch but ahhh I keep like hearing about android tablets and yet not many are in stores so ummmm I start to think to myself what is the point in talking about them if they wont be out anytime soon…or at all?

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