Google Fiber

Google Fiber is Google’s internet service offering that competes with the likes of Comcast and Time Warner Cable to deliver blazing fast internet speeds directly in your home.

Austin, TX residents can sign up for Google Fiber starting in December

Oct 16th - Quick heads up for those of you in Austin, Texas looking for better internet soon — Google Fiber is nearly ready, and Google will soon be taking signups from anyone interested. The company will accept signups from the metropolitan area of the city for any and all folks interested. It’s believed that those in smaller, […]

Let’s talk about how terrible Comcast is (and how afraid Time Warner customers should be)

Sep 1st - There’s no secret Comcast isn’t the world’s most favorite internet service provider. Heck, they probably don’t even have the` favor of a few innocent souls who don’t know the difference between dial-up and fiber. There’s no shortage of Comcast horror stories on the internet. We’re not sure why Comcast is so bad, but they are. […]

Sorry, Google Fiber wont be coming to New York anytime soon

Apr 16th - Sorry, guys. Doesn't look like Google Fiber is coming to New York anytime soon. Looks like you'll be buffering 4K video content the same as the rest of us.

Google Fiber coming to New York? Job listing seems to suggest so

Apr 16th - It looks like Google could be looking to bring Fiber internet service to their biggest market yet. Places like San Antonio and Kansas City are nothing to sneeze about, but New York is a whole different beast.

Google reportedly looking to bring wireless phone service to Fiber cities

Apr 3rd - Google might not be anywhere near finished getting their fiber-optic network setup, but they're already thinking about more services to offer now that they have the infrastructure to support it. One of those services could be a wireless phone service.

Google to explore nine new metropolitan areas for Google Fiber expansion

Feb 19th - Provo, Utah, Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri aren't the only two places in America Google's interested in launching Fiber. The company has revealed plans to explore bringing the high-speed broadband and TV service to nine new metropolitan areas, for a total of 34 new cities in all.

Grandview, MO confirmed to be getting Google Fiber

May 8th - Google has announced that residents of Grandview, MO would soon be getting their very own rollout of Google Fiber. The city is just outside of Kansas City, so expect this sooner rather than later.

Google buys iProvo as Provo, UT officially becomes the third Google Fiber city

Apr 17th - Google didn’t wait another year to announce the third city that Fiber would be coming to. The company has just confirmed that Provo, UT would be getting its own piece of Google’s high-speed gigabit network. Google identified Provo as an important launch as its growing status as a tech hub for startups and innovation. Provo […]

AT&T, Time Warner feel pressure from Google Fiber

Apr 9th - Earlier today, Google confirmed suspicion that it would be bringing its fiber internet and TV service to Austin, TX. This wouldn’t be the first launch of this sort from Google as the company delivered that same goodness to Kansas City a year ago. You had to expect that some of its competitors would be keeping […]

Google Fiber expansion to Austin, TX now official [VIDEO]

Apr 9th - A few days ago, Google let slip that it would be bringing Google Fiber, the company’s gigabit internet service, to Austin, TX, but the trigger appeared to have been pulled a bit too early. An empty blog post didn’t give us many details, but we at least knew it was on its way. Welp, it […]

Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX?

Apr 6th - Google Fiber is the new sensation when it comes to internet providers. Affordable 1000 Mb per second internet speeds have only lived in our dreams, but Google is making it possible with Fiber. The only problem is very few of us can actually get it, as it has only launched in the Kansas City area. […]

Google Fiber app now available for all Android 4.2 devices, Google Fiber still only available in Kansas City

Mar 15th - Good news! The Google Fiber remote app is now available for all Android 4.2+ devices. Bad news! Google Fiber is still only available to those residing in Kansas City. For those lucky enough to fall within the realm of Google’s envied broadband service, the ability to control their television will no longer delimited to the […]