Jun 21st, 2016

It’s no secret that Google is looking to expand its reach with Google Fiber. There have been a few different methods discussed, but the easiest would be to provide wireless internet without the need to run any cables. This would cut down on costs, for the subscriber, as well as Google since there wouldn’t be a need to dig up the ground in order to get the fiber cables into various buildings.

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One such suggestion has been a “millimeter wave technology” which allows for much information to be passed quickly to users, but is expensive and not ready for widespread usage. If this Google Opinion Rewards question is any indication, Google is trying to get some live feedback from users about what they think about WiFi Drones.

According to the question that was asked, the WiFi drone would work in three parts:

  1. Select an HD movie from app; drone flies to you (at home or wherever you are)
  2. Drone arrives within a few minutes & starts downloading automatically; start watching right away
  3. Drone finishes downloading in minutes; flies away – you continue to watch

Out of the different ways that Google has been rumored to provide high-speed internet to the masses, this one hasn’t come up just yet. Personally, I like the idea of using drones, but I would love to see the cost associated with doing so. Plus, I’m not sure how this could be regulated with a bunch of drones flying across various cities.

[via Google+]

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