Alphabet looking at new ways to get Google Fiber to everyone


During yesterday’s shareholder meeting, Alphabet Chairman, Eric Schmidt, indicated that the company has big plans for its Google Fiber internet services. These plans include providing 1,000 Mbps internet to homes without laying a single cable. Not only will this reduce costs to customers, but it will also reduce the costs of the provider, since no excavation will be needed to route the cable or fiber wires.

In order to turn this dream into a reality, the company would need to deploy what’s known as “millimeter wave technology”. This allows for much more information to be transported than what we are already used to with Wi-Fi technology. The technology is already in use, but is rather expensive and not exactly perfect for where Google Fiber sits currently.

These aren’t changes that everyone will see right away, but Google and Alphabet are definitely looking to the future, and bringing great internet speeds to those in the US. Google Fiber has already been putting the pressure on other internet providers by offering much faster speeds at lower prices.

I’m excited to see Google Fiber expand, and hopefully it will makes its way to everyone sooner rather than later.

[via The Verge]



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