Things aren’t looking too good for Fiber after the Google Access CEO steps down


If you were on the list to receive Google Fiber in the near future, we have some bad news for you. The company has halted expansion of Fiber while the parent company, Google Access, “refine our approaches”.

For most of our “potential Fiber cities” — those where we’ve been in exploratory discussions — we’re going to pause our operations and offices while we refine our approaches.

– Craig Barratt, CEO of Access

Earlier, there were reports that the CEO of Google Access, which operates under the Alphabet parent company, would be stepping down. These reports were confirmed after the CEO published a blog post explaining some of the changes that would be coming.

Although Fiber will continue to operate, its parent company will not have a CEO for the time being, as Google/Alphabet has yet to appoint a new option. Craig Barratt, the former CEO of Access, will remain with Alphabet as a special advisor to Larry Page.

Things aren’t looking great for Fiber at the moment, and it may have something to do with the continued fight that other ISP’s continue to put up. In the meantime, here’s to hoping that Fiber can get back on the horse and continue to expand in the near future and that this is nothing more than a hiccup.

[Recode | Google Fiber Blog]


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