Austin, TX residents can sign up for Google Fiber starting in December


Google Fiber van

Quick heads up for those of you in Austin, Texas looking for better internet soon — Google Fiber is nearly ready, and Google will soon be taking signups from anyone interested. The company will accept signups from the metropolitan area of the city for any and all folks interested.

It’s believed that those in smaller, surrounding markets will have to pool together and show enough interest in Fiber for Google to start spreading the service (though if rollouts in Kansas City and Provo are anything to go by, that won’t be a huge issue).

Google will offer their standard gigabit high speed service for those willing to pay up the monthly coin for it, though basic free internet for 7 years is certain to be an option as long as you pay the $300 upfront installation cost. Not bad if you or someone you know doesn’t need a whole lot of data to get things done. Google has a sizable list of other cities they want to hit in the months to come and within the next year, but these things take time and you shouldn’t be holding your breath for Fiber in your area if you need internet connectivity now.

[via WSJ]

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  1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. Okay, definitely moving to Texas after college now.

    1. Be careful almost everyone down there is armed.

      1. So? It’s their 2nd Amendment right, being armed doesn’t make someone dangerous. Using a firearm with “criminal intent” is what makes someone dangerous.

        1. Using a firearm and being stupid is just as dangerous.

          Not saying everyone in Texas is stupid, just adding on :p

      2. and what is the problem with that. I own multiple guns and only paper targets and plywood have been killed.

        1. HEYHEYHEY
          RAH RAH RAH

          Wait… what did I just write..? O_o

      3. I feel obligated to get a weapon now. LoL!!

  3. Definitely sad it’s not the Baltimore area.

  4. Lucky bastards.

  5. My mom told me life wasn’t fair. I think I finally got the concept.

  6. What are the monthly rates for high-speed?

    1. Google has provided an incredible tool to help you find that out. It’s called Google.

      1. Bullsh*t.

        1. There ya go, buddy:
          Good luck with your crippling affliction.

        2. They have a $30 month plan that gives like 100Mbps and a $70 plan that gives data and TV. I believe those are the rates. I know the internet one is really cheap. However, that’s the base price and not including tax.

      2. $70 for Gbit, $120 for Gbit +TV, or ‘free’ 5M with $300 one time install fee.

  7. so…can a fiber cable be ran 5 hours north by chance? Might be willing to dig a trench to get it to east texas.

    1. I’m hoping I can run a cable 1,800 east to NY real quick.

  8. I really hope they open this in New York! Although with all the shady back room deals and regional monopolies, I suspect it’ll be tough to get any kind of competition here. I can’t wait for Google to utterly crush Comcast and Time Warner.

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