Dec 8th, 2015

Two of the United States’ most important cities have finally landed on Google’s roadmap for trying to deploy fiber. Those cities are Los Angeles and Chicago, which represent the most major business, art and fashion, entertainment and sports areas for the west coast and midwest, respectively. Google says they’re the biggest cities they’ve probed for Fiber deployment to date.


As such, this’ll be no small feat, and the launch of Fiber isn’t guaranteed. The early stages — as has been the case for all prior Fiber movement — will consist of dialog between Google, the cities and states’ governments, and citizens to work out issues of infrastructure (because running tons of miles of internet cables beneath city grounds is no easy task).

It’s important to remember that this doesn’t guarantee Fiber will launch in those cities, and even if the talks eventually evolve into an eventual deployment it’d take quite some time for Google to execute and implement their plans. But this first step means they’re at least seriously considering it and will have all their homework done if they ever decide to go forward in the future.

[via Google]

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