Google releases an app for managing your Google Fiber account


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If you’re one of the lucky few who has Google Fiber internet, we’re all very jealous. But more importantly, we have an app to tell you about. Google has released an app that will make it easy to manage your Fiber account. Fiber is currently available in only 5 cities with 6 more on the way.

The app allows you to sign in and manage your account. You can do things like set up WiFi, check the speed, and pay your bill. The app will also be useful for troubleshooting problems. Fiber follows the beautiful Material Design guidelines, which is head and shoulders above anything you’ve probably used from other carriers. It’s a pleasant experience, which is certainly not something you typically get with account app like this.

google fiber app

Lucky Fiber customers can download the app for free from the Play Store now. Just keep in mind that everyone without Fiber secretly hates you.

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