Fiber TV set top boxes now officially support Google Cast


Google Cast

Google Cast is one of the most user-friendly technologies to come along in quite some time. Over the past few years, we’ve watched Google bake this functionality in a wide variety of products ranging from speakers, the Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and it’s reportedly even the backbone of Home, Google’s voice-assisted speaker.

Today, Google is bringing Google Cast functionality to more devices, announcing the availability of the feature inside Fiber TV boxes. There’s no hardware add-ons, no system updates, just connect to the same WiFi network as the rest of your devices and that’s it. It just works.

Casting to your Fiber TV box works just like any other cast-enabled device. Just open the streaming app of your choice — Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, HBO — then press the Google Cast icon when available. After that, kick your feet up and watch as the Fiber TV streams your favorite shows, movies, and music directly to your television. Doesn’t get much more simple than that.

[Google Fiber Blog]

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