HTC Working on Android 3.0 Tablet for Early 2011 Release?



Despite speaking to the contrary a few months back, a new rumor is going around that HTC may indeed be looking to enter the tablet market with an Android 3.0 offering in early 2011. This latest development comes from word of Taiwanese component manufacturers involved in the supposed project. Little other evidence exists to lend any credence to the rumor.

It wouldn’t be too much of a shocker to expect an Android tablet from the company that has spent much of the past year focused solely on pumping out high-quality Android products, and there is no doubt that HTC would have a real chance to knock on out of the park if they do release a slate device. With polished hardware and a deep working knowledge of the OS, just thinking of an HTC tablet gets me excited.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. You got to at least give what you type a good once over… fot?

  2. fot the win

  3. If HTC came out with a slate or tab I would buy it in an instant. Ive never seen an OS as smooth and desireable as Sense.

  4. LOL @ digitalicecream

    Well if they do this right then it will be the Tablet that I’m planning on buying. I don’t want no punk ass 7incher.

  5. “one out of the park”

  6. Ill buy this is for sure!!

  7. I’m with pimpstrong on this. A good 10″ tablet will trash the iPad. HTC have more than proven themselves to me.

  8. Would prefer stock android myself

  9. I love both my Eris and Incredible as well as Sense UI over stock Android such as the Droid. My Incredible is fast and smooth and does everything, things that the Droid can’t do with stock Android. And my camera is amazing, very high quality components. Having said this, a TAB from HTC would be AWESOME! Probably what I have been waiting for!

  10. I’m not a fan of sense on my phones but as far as a tablet goes I think HTC putting a sense like skin on it would make it awesome and I would definitely buy one of their tablets since they’re so rooted in Android.

  11. @Killswitchvirus – Sense isn’t an OS. It is primarily a UI (user interface). ANdroid is the OS. That said, Sense does include a suite of apps and functions that are either not native to Android or enhance an existing feature of it.

  12. Alright well, let’s see how many more mistakes in spelling and grammar we can find… LOL

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