Sep 15th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:06 pm


Despite speaking to the contrary a few months back, a new rumor is going around that HTC may indeed be looking to enter the tablet market with an Android 3.0 offering in early 2011. This latest development comes from word of Taiwanese component manufacturers involved in the supposed project. Little other evidence exists to lend any credence to the rumor.

It wouldn’t be too much of a shocker to expect an Android tablet from the company that has spent much of the past year focused solely on pumping out high-quality Android products, and there is no doubt that HTC would have a real chance to knock on out of the park if they do release a slate device. With polished hardware and a deep working knowledge of the OS, just thinking of an HTC tablet gets me excited.

[via IntoMobile]

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