Gemini now supports older versions of Android


One of the problems with AI is that they generally require newer and more powerful hardware to run on. This in turn has created some issues where older devices might not be supported. If you’re still using an older Android smartphone, we have some good news as Gemini will now support older versions of Android.

This was initially discovered by Sumanta Das and later confirmed by Artem Russakovskii. Basically in the latest version of Gemini, Google has quietly added support for older versions of Android like Android 10 and Android 11. Prior to this, Gemini would only run on Android 12 and above.

To be fair, devices that are stuck on Android 10 or Android 11 are probably pretty old. Especially if those are the last versions of Android they could receive. But we know that some people choose to hold onto their devices for as long as possible for a variety of reasons. At least with this change, these users will now be able to experience Google’s latest AI technology.

9to5Google has tested this out themselves and found that it works just fine. Google isn’t alone in trying to bring AI to more devices. Samsung recently announced that its Galaxy AI will be making its way to the Galaxy S22 series as well. Prior to this it was only supported on the Galaxy S23 and later.

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