HTC Desire Z and Desire HD Product Pages now Live



We are all itching to get to know the latest phones to earn the Desire name, and now we can spend our time lusting over their specs and doodle-laden images on the handsets’ official product pages over at HTC’s site. It looks like not only the hardware but the improved HTC Sense is going to be major focal point in the marketing of these two phones. Also contrary to what some initial reports were saying, it looks like the Desire Z will ship with Android 2.2 (Froyo) with HTC Sense after all.

So which will it be? The huge 4.3-inch counterpart to the American EVO 4G? Or how about something with a full QWERTY keyboard? Something to fulfill nearly anyone’s desires (sorry, I haven’t had a chance to make a Desire pun in months).

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  1. I’ll hopefully be getting the DEsire Z when it comes out! =)

  2. I think calling it an EVO counterpart is wrong.. no comparison.. have a look at the thickness (or probably should say thinness).. It’s a different phone.. get over it.. I also wonder about the previous articles on the myTouch HD, including that supposed T Mobile ad.. The myTouch HD is supposed to be the US version of the Desire HD phone.. the previous fake rendering, and the “ad” are very similar, and not close enough to this phone, for me to believe in them quite yet.. (I could be wrong).. I will still wait awhile for more official info on the myTouch HD, and I hope to say told ya so.. not that what has been shown is terrible, I just hope for closer to what we see here.

  3. not just the thickness, the specs are greatly improved. Better GPU, cooler running CPU (45nm), more ram, DLNA, etc

  4. Which provider is getting these phones? I thought it was going to be T-Mobile. :(

  5. Well the Desire Z is the G2, but I meant to ask about the Desire HD? I thought it would’ve been the myTouch HD, but the specs and looks are totally different. How can this one have a 4.3″ screen, and the myTouch will supposedly have a 3.8″ screen?

  6. The battery! Oh NO! 1230 mAH?

  7. Is this Desire HD compatible with the Tmobile USA GSM network? I was looking at the specs on the HTC page and it seems to line up with TMO USA. I could be wrong though. Any one could shed some light on this?

  8. @ Melissa … because TMO-US are shysters and will try to cut corners at all costs. I can only imagine how it went.
    HTC – we have the new HTC Emerald we want to be your new flagship device.
    TMO – Great
    HTC – it’ll have a high end 4.3inch screen
    TMO – Nah, we don’t need that. Make it 3.8
    HTC – Dual LED?
    TMO – Just give em 1
    HTC – Well at least you’ll get the 1ghz processor
    TMO – Nah, make sure you throttle it down to 800mhz.
    HTC – Well what about all these nice features?
    TMO – Don’t worry, we’ll get em next time when we release the Mytouch HD 1.2.2 six months later.

  9. That DZ is a G2 through and through

  10. LOL at shawn1224’s comment haha

  11. Damn, I was really hoping the Desire HD and the myTouch HD would be one in the same. I’m not keen on the whole network thing… Will the HD work on T-mobile? This from htc.com:

    * HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
    * GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  12. @ Gogol… Yeah, 1230 mAh battery = FAIL. What are they thinking?

  13. With those listed frequencies, shouldn’t both of these work on AT&T 3G, as AT&T operates on these bands?

  14. no front cam !!!!!!

  15. So does navigation download the maps to your sd card? Appears it can with even in areas without data service?

  16. @Shawn1224 “I can’t afford any sort of smart phone. So I must wine and bitch about lower cpu speeds, and lack of features. At least until mommy yells at me because it’s bed time.” Don’t knock hardware specs that you don’t under stand.

  17. why is this phone not the same as the G2??????

    1.5 gb 4gb on the G2 why they downgraded this phone? wtf…..

  18. I know that the newer processors use a bit less power, but these tiny batteries (by 2010 standards) are just not good enough. What a shame;(

    Get your chargers ready…

  19. Shit, call me crazy, but I am actually pretty jealous of that new HTC sense + HTCsense.com thing.

    Do you think there will be a developer that will port it to our device via ROM? I imagine it shouldnt be too hard since its pretty much the same device.

  20. Looks like they are not officially calling it the G2 after all. Hopefully this means that they will come out with a better phone to call the G2

  21. Wow the Desire HD is so enticing… but why no front facing camera?

  22. @Mensahwatts, it’s the T-Mobile G2 in the USA. A slightly different phone (different CPU, etc) will be the Desire Z elsewhere in the world.

  23. Desire HD is still NOT the European HSPA+ version of the EVO 4G. Just a minor refresh of the HD2 with Androïd 2.2. Shame on HTC to treat their European customers so badly this year, not bringing a real 4.3″ flagship product to them.
    I’ll wait for HTC to complete the work before jumping to Androïd 2.2.
    – No Front facing camera is just UN-ACCEPTABLE for European 3G early adopters. No question to loose 3GPP Visio feature. Not mentionning we’d like to get Skype HD on top of it.
    – No WiFi Hot-spot/Theethering to share the huge HSPA+ bandwidth.
    – No Kick Stand, to use it as small TV for 3G TV included in our packages & videos
    – No HDMI port to connect to HD TV to play HD media contents on it.
    Please HTC back to work. Europe want that from you guys. Wake up !

  24. I will be getting the HTC Desire Z :D

  25. I see-thanks Tom. it looks like-HTC went a step down from the g1 in away….they reallllly should have made a keyboard like the old g1…that keyboard was fun to use…this one looks like crap to use… lol

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