Notion Ink Adam Ahead of Schedule for FCC Certification, Will Feature Replaceable Battery



Aside from being touted as one of the most enticing contenders against the iPad across the tech blogosphere, the Notion Ink Adam also holds the distinct honor of being right up there with Duke Nukem Forever on the list of things that would seemingly never see the light of day. But just as it was recently announced the Duke would ride again, the Adam, too, is getting firmer in its release date. Continued delays have given way to a production schedule that is seven days ahead of what was originally anticipated.

Through a blog post updating the status of the Adam it was revealed that the tablet would be hitting the FCC for certification a full week early. Along with the announcement came news that the slate will feature a removable battery, a sure to be touted advantage over the iPad’s non-serviceable power supply. Also in an effort to save power the Adam’s Pixel Qi display will feature an independent manual on/off switch.

If everything pans out we could be seeing the Notion Ink Adam just in time to throw down with the other big name tablets dropping this holiday season, so we have our fingers crossed.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. where can i see the specs?

  2. Specs look very nice, but I will wait for android 3.5 which is built for tablets and 720p resolution.

  3. There was another revolutionaly computer called Adam which was a terrible failure and caused Coleco to burn through their Cabbage Pactch Kids fortune and eventually go out of business. Why name it after another failed compter product?

  4. well Biblically Adam was the ‘first’ and i think thats what Notion Ink wants people to associate it with, being the first great android tablet if not the first great tablet under any OS, its quite a fitting name whether you are religious or not since most people in the western world still have that association in mind

  5. Adam ate an apple..Rings a bell!? ;-)

  6. How DARE you rank this with Duke Nukem Forever as possibly never seeing the light of day. Duke Nukem Forever is the gold standard for phoenix-vaporware. 13 years in development. 13 YEARS. This device has been in development for what, two or three?

  7. also, NI didnot release a basic version (they could have if they wanted to) and upgrade it 10 times to squeeze the customer like MS or whoever… they are literally polishing their diamond with only one thing in mind: us the customer – which is a rarity for any business today let alone electronics or IT.

  8. Dave you are a freakin idiot…android 3.5??? thats jumping the gun a bit don’t u think? u dont even know what 2.2 is let alone 3.5.. its not even about the android version, its about the freakin processing unit inside the machine retard..there are plenty of android tablets out thats running great on 1.6…before u go spouting nonsense, do ur research…ur stupidity is ruing the world…FYI, u posted the specs but fail to acknowledge that the Adam will boast 1080p capability, not 720p…way to go again u mongoloid. geez man ome people put themselves out there to get dumped on.

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