Andy vs Apple: Another Android Shirt in the Andy Line

Android’s become quite the apparel figure lately. We’ve seen our mascot on all types of merchandise and pictured in all sorts of different ways. This time, Andy (otherwise known as the Android robot) takes on Steve Jobs himself as the two goto war. I like how the war is depicted here: instead of Andy having an army of his own, he’s imagined as one big, bad mamma jamma (yes, I did just use that term) that’s not to be messed with.


It’s also quite the turn around if you consider the fact that – in daily geek speak – Android is considered to house an “army” of devices up against the big Apple giant. Perhaps I’m analyzing it a bit too much, but that just goes to show how much I am into this design. The merchandise ships on July 27th and you can preorder one now at starting at $19.00 (you can also get the poster – which starts shipping today – for $19.00.)

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  • Android_Jedi

    Nice shirt. Be sure to check out for shirt hats and decals.

  • wumps13

    Unfortunately this guy is not good i order two tshirt and received just one :( I send him a mail i am still waiting any response :(

    So if he just take your money and desappear don’t be surprise :(

  • George Anderson

    question…is it not copyright infringement to sell an android shirt or does dude have Google’s permission. I’ve had some ideas but was afraid of getting sued…

  • Stefan

    the android robot is free to use under a creative commons licence.

    see this page:

  • red3y3

    i bought an exploded andy t-shirt and seriously need to get this one too.
    the last shirt toook a while to arrive but i put that down to me being in the UK
    Love the designs

  • SardoNumspa

    I really think this should be the other way round. Android is a small army by comparison, with the all of the device manufacturers that make up the whole.

    And a huge half-eaten Apple trying to squash the little Android guys feels like more like the David and Goliath kind of scenario the battle between Apple and Android is.

  • Mojo Yugen

    I think he should be more worried about Steve Jobs suing for unauthorized use of his image or something. Man has no sense of humor anymore.

  • timmyjoe42

    Clearly it’s not an Android infringement because this one has a hot dog arm.

  • Chris S

    I have enjoyed my t-shirt. I ordered theie Exploded Andy shirt last month ago and have been loving it. Great spped and product.
    I like that design better than this. I’m sure this design is more controversial, but to each their own.

  • limp bizkit

    android is open source and even provide a download of their mascot on the site, duh!!

  • John

    stop calling it mascot…its quite annoying

  • George Anderson

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
    @limp bizkit
    Thanks for being helpful.

  • su2lly

    I’m sure a letter is heading his way for the use of the apple logo. Does anybody have a link for a really cheap but good screen printer? I’m sure we all have some great ideas. In fact perhaps a contest is in order. Best shirt idea gets it printed and sold with profits going to charity of choice.

  • Droidy
  • ari-free

    reminds me of “Iron Giant”

  • bleh


  • JC

    @su2ly you should check out it’s simple to use.

  • SouthAndroider

    Hey I have to give these guys another plug . I just bought the Pooop on Iphone shirt

  • Siggy

    Another place with Tees for boys and girls plus Limited Edition Cushions featuring our little green friend is, check it out!