AOL Continues Strong Push Into the Android Market With 2 New Apps


aol-logo2-sAOL’s become one of the biggest supporters (on the app development side) of Android in recent weeks, and they show no signs of slowing down. They released two new applications into the market: AOL Mobile (basically a one-size-fits-all news app) and Daily Finance – one of the most comprehensive applications for keeping a tab on stocks that we’ve seen for a while.

AOL may not be the beast they once were (we all remember those days) but following their rebranding and shift in focus, their continued regrowth alongside Android’s is very fitting. Let’s hope their example will pave the way for other outlets to help bolster up the Android market.

Daily Finance


[Daily Finance QR code courtesy of AAM]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wait a minute. AOL is still in business?

  2. sorry AOL, but if these apps are anything near as slow as any of your related websites (engadget, etc) I’ll pass.

  3. LOL…everywhere I go and see this news people completely miss the bigger picture for ragging on AOL. The news is that this COULD be the beginning of a trend. Developers in a poll have already said that they feel Android has the better long term outlook. That would lead me to believe that eventually they will start targeting Android first if not only for apps as that gets them into more peoples hands. Its probably still to early to see anything like this but imagine if a service like Hulu was exclusive to Android. The whole thing would snow ball….more users, more apps, more users more apps.

  4. Ohhh cr@p! Are these apps going to come pre-installed on our phones now and be extremely difficult to remove and annoying?

  5. @Jeff: No, they’re going to mail them to everybody’s house on a floppy diskette.

  6. I heard we’ll be seeing Safari for Android very soon….

  7. Well considering AOL’s new CEO is a former Google exec, I can see why AOL’s pushing Android.

  8. When are facebook games gonna be compadible with the droid? Why can’t we download adobe flash player 10.1?

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