Jul 23rd, 2010

Android’s become quite the apparel figure lately. We’ve seen our mascot on all types of merchandise and pictured in all sorts of different ways. This time, Andy (otherwise known as the Android robot) takes on Steve Jobs himself as the two goto war. I like how the war is depicted here: instead of Andy having an army of his own, he’s imagined as one big, bad mamma jamma (yes, I did just use that term) that’s not to be messed with.


It’s also quite the turn around if you consider the fact that – in daily geek speak – Android is considered to house an “army” of devices up against the big Apple giant. Perhaps I’m analyzing it a bit too much, but that just goes to show how much I am into this design. The merchandise ships on July 27th and you can preorder one now at AndyVersus.com starting at $19.00 (you can also get the poster – which starts shipping today – for $19.00.)