HTC “Heavily Investing” in Building New Manufacturing Facilities


HTC’s gone on the record to say that they’re working diligently toward getting new facilities up and running in which to build their phones (Android and WinMo-based). Recent issues with component shortages from their suppliers (namely Samsung and their inability to ship adequate amounts of AMOLED screens) has pushed them to build a more efficient manufacturing process to ensure that they can build phones just as fast as they can get parts in stock.


HTC’s Jon French – the company’s UK director – speaking to Mobile Magazine:

“We are catching up. We are still in a position where the demand keeps growing and like any good manufacturer, it takes time to build up capacity just to meet demand so we are doing that now by very heavily investing in new production capacity and we will catch up very, very soon”

That would depend on the suppliers continuing to deliver the goods, however, but HTC’s already made a move from Samsung’s AMOLED to Sony’s Super TFT LCD in order to keep production rolling.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. better be very very soon, my upgrade is in 2 weeks and i’m going evo

  2. I might get flogged for saying this, but the one thing I think Apple doesn’t get enough credit for is their ability to to have available units. Sure there are shortages here and there, but that’s after selling a million units. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Android to iOS, and my Evo to the iPhone, but I do wish HTC could be more like Apple in that sense, being able to produce a whole bunch of units.

  3. @jasron: good luck trying to get your hands on an EVO my friend. i’ve been waiting for a EVO and everywhere i go they say they are sold out

  4. if you noticed theres 0 whie iphones tard

  5. “I might get flogged for saying this, but the one thing I think Apple doesn’t get enough credit for is their ability to to have available units.”

    that’s because they probably flog people in foxconn until they make enough.

  6. @JoshUng

    IMO you do have a point. However, realize that Apple could literally sell a pile of sh!t, and it will fly off the shelves by the millions. Whereas companies like HTC, Moto, Samsung, really don’t have that luxury. I have a feeling that they’re afraid to get stuck with boat loads of extra stock after the initial release. Though, with the way the VZW Droids have been selling out, you’d think they would adjust accordingly.

  7. There is a distinct possibility that this is actually the fault of the retailer. They likely order only a limited number of devices, underestimating how popular they are going to be.

    It seems much more common since Android devices have gained in popularity.

  8. This inventory thing is a load of horse sh*t. It’s like communism, where the government makes things scarce just because it can. Since when is it OK to have shit backordered for months? I mean does the word competition mean anything anymore? I can’t believe we’re waiting for a damn phone to be manufactured in 2010.

  9. Good points to some. Its not something that HTC can just rub a magic lamp and out pops millions of phones. Takes money and resources, and they aren’t gonna put out and outrageous number of phones hoping that they will be able to sell all of them.

    Its a case of supply drastically exceeding the initial perceived demand.

  10. I love the giant photo of my DInc in this story. Oh, wait, was that appropriate?

  11. JoshUng,

    Yea apple does a great job. So good that employees in China are literally killing themselves over it! Are you impressed by that too?

  12. It took 4 weeks for me to receive the EVO 4. The operating system does not support Blue Tooth out going voice control like the I Phone or Blackberry. The voice dialer is not that great on the EV0 4. If this feature worked well, it would help me to use the Blue tooth speaker for my car to make hands free outgoing calls from my cell phone.

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