Android Robot Explodes, Lands on a T-Shirt

If there’s one thing I’m sure at least a few people wanted to know, it’s how the Android mascot looks beneath all of its green-coated aluminum. Garry Booth decided to take an Android and blow it up. What he found were the innards that make our green friend “tick” and decided to share it with the world in the form of a t-shirt.


For those that are wondering: yes, robots do have brains. They also have hearts and everything else you would expect to find inside of them. For $19 you can buy this shirt – which is being called Exploded Andy – in any size you need. The shirt is 100% cotton by American Apparel. You’ll need either a Google Checkout Account (US) or Paypal (Global) to throw down your order. If you do spring for one, expect to pay $6 for shipping and look out for the shirt to ship Friday, June 4th.

[Thanks, Dion!]

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  • AntonioMendoza3

    Fantastic, just what I need to wear to the office on casual Fridays, I’ll show you iPhoneys.

  • jo

    you android fans are taking this too far.

  • Andy

    @jo I assume you are an apple fan then? No need to ruin our fun…let US android lovers enjoy the greatness! ps- apple has never made t-shirts or stickers??

  • cmherron

    Love it!
    The little Android dude is super cool, I would get my 10 month old son some Android toys if someone made them…

  • jp
  • Eric

    I want to see Sheldon Cooper wearing for the first episode next season.

  • Andrew

    Ordered…. :)

  • G8D

    I want one. Time to find out if they shit internationally.

  • Drew

    This shirt does look awesome. I don’t know if I’d drop 25 bones on it though. That’s a pricey t shirt.

    @G8D I’ve shit internationally before. The trick is to time it when you’re on an airplane just as you’re crossing the border.

  • G1toN1


  • OMG Android Application Tips

    Looks cool.

    I now know the insides of an android.

  • cmherron

    That is the funniest ship I’ve read all day!

  • Joe V

    I ordered me one of these! :D

  • LaptuaZ

    /ordered. Wish I was creative enough to make a robot costume for my pug…that would be AWESOME!

  • T-Dawg

    Now someone needs to start pumping out the window decals and laptop stickers, so we can go toe to toe with those apples fans.

    In the spirit of the pissing Calvin window stickers on cars, we need an Android pissing on an Apple.

  • Eddie Android

    @T-Dawg they have those pissing stickers on eBay. Just search for Android Decals and they’re there. I got one for my car : )

  • Morphelan

    Love it….ordered.

  • T-Dawg

    @ Eddie = Thanks!!!

  • Mike

    Just FYI, the much sought after Android pissing on Apple t-shirt can be found at