Finally! Fairphone 2 comes to play with Android 12


As we covered last week, the Fairphone 2 has been given a new lease of life now that support for the sustainable phone will be extended until 2024. The manufacturer has stated that the Fairphone 4’s next significant Android 12 upgrade will arrive on February 1.

An employee of the Fairphone company revealed the planned Fairphone 4 update release date in a post on the company’s site. The gadget was previously scheduled to receive the update somewhere in December, but it was delayed because serious emergency calling concerns were brought up in some areas.

The Android 12 update is reportedly coming to the Fairphone 4 in select locations starting this Wednesday in a phased rollout. According to Fairphone, in some areas, including those in nations like France and Switzerland, the upgrade still needs to adhere to the company’s high criteria for quality. Users of the Fariphone on specific carriers in those locations may have some delay going forward, but they can count on obtaining the update soon.

What features will be included in the upcoming Android 12 version, that is now a year old, is still up for debate. However, we don’t anticipate Fairphone to release new Android phones every year or the most recent updates every three months. The goal of the company has always been to promote sustainability and make phones that have a significant influence on reducing e-waste.

Having said that, Fairphone as well decided to share plans to broaden the support so as to not abandon its users in the cold. Frequent security patches are therefore absolutely necessary. Users of Fairphones runs On Android 11 will soon be able to get a maintenance release that includes a new security update with the most recent security.

Fairphone started a campaign for more ethical technology in 2013. Making a phone allows them to expand the distribution network and forge new connections with people and their goods. They are growing the market for goods that prioritise ethical ideals while having a beneficial influence on all aspects of the value chain, including mining, design, manufacture, and life cycle. Together with their local community, they’re transforming the manufacturing process.

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