The FCC Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality Protections


In what is officially the latest development following a long back-and-forth regarding constitutional provisions regarding net neutrality, the US government has voted against allowing internet service providers to alter internet speeds for customers, essentially undoing relevant decisions enforced during the previous administration.

This essentially means that carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and more will not be prohibited from messing around with users’ data speeds and performance. The vote passed after a 3-2 turnout with a Democratic majority. With that in mind, Supporters of net neutrality say that it will protect consumers and ensures a level playing field for all websites; on the other hand, service providers argue that the regulations stifle innovation and investment.

With this change, the FCC considers broadband services as an essential communications resource via the Communications Act of 1934. This then  gives the FCC power to regulate broadband internet in a similar way to utility services such as energy and water. However, Republican Commissioners at the FCC weren’t to keen on the new development – FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr comments:

“The internet in America has thrived in the absence of 1930s command-and-control regulation by the government… The FCC has identified no gap in national security.”

Source: CNN

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