Meta Watch to be given a fighting chance


The corporation may be giving its efforts to create a smartwatch fresh life, so the project may not be entirely dead.

New photographs of the purported smartwatch have been released by tipster Kuba Wojciechowski, who is well-known for his Pixel leaks. He received the images from an unnamed source. According to the pictures, development on this new smartwatch appears to be well underway because the device is shown working with its screen facing on.

Wojciechowski claims that the watch is a “new evolution” of the prior watch that was disclosed in 2021 and that it runs Android rather than Wear OS. The black frame makes the two gadgets look pretty similar based on the photographs. Even the camera has a cutout at the bottom.

Evidently, Meta is still interested in wearable technology’s place in the Metaverse. According to Wojciechowski, the business reportedly intends to utilize smartwatches to facilitate the switch to other devices.

It was reported that Meta sought to develop an LTE-connected gadget with connectivity to the business’s messaging apps and some health-related capabilities when the first wristwatch originally surfaced. A similar watch was expected to debut in 2022, followed by a follow-up in 2023. But according to reports, the first watch was shelved in the middle of 2022, and late last year, smartwatch development came to an end.

Interestingly, it appears that all this hard work is not all abandoned, and Meta may be changing its mind while still using its old look. The sensor array has undergone some minor visual alterations, but overall, Wojciechowski notes, it is physically very comparable to the original.

As for when the watch could be released? That is still left for Meta to announce. But you can be sure that when we find out more, you’ll be the first to know. Are you skeptical about the Meta Watch? Do you have a smartwatch yourself? What ones are you using? One of my daily wearables is the Gamin Forerunner 425 Music. For me, it’s the perfect companion for my walks and runs when I don’t feel like bringing my phone. We have a few guides here on Phandroid for activating 2FA on your smartwatch, if you haven’t activated it on your device already.

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