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Fairphone, the Android maker based in the Netherlands that released the Fairphone 4 last year, has just launched Fairphone Easy, a new phone subscription service.

The company has introduced a new pricing structure called Fairphone Easy, which aims to make the world a cleaner place. The new service intends to reduce the amount of e-waste generated by the electronics sector via devices such as cellphones.

Consumers in the company’s country can sign up for the new service. Rather from purchasing the gadget outright, they can acquire a green 8GB/256GB Fairphone 4 for a monthly cost. The plans start at €21.00 per month (for 60 months) and come with a case and a screen protector.

Image Source: Fairphone

Fairphone compensates subscribers who take care of their devices for a long time in addition to the low monthly charge. If a user keeps the Fairphone 4 for more than a year, they will receive further monthly discounts, such as €2 off the first year, €4 off the second year, and so on. Users must, however, take care of their devices during the course, as the awards are only given to devices that are not damaged.

Fairphone also gives an answer to the question of what happens if your subscription expires. The business claims that the phone can be refurbished depending on its condition. If that isn’t the case, because to the modularity, useable pieces of it can be utilized for another Fairphone.

The company’s mission is clear: to reduce the amount of e-waste produced. Its distribution, however, is restricted to Europe. However, for individuals who are environmentally sensitive and willing to make sacrifices, the Fairphone 4 is certainly one of the most sustainable and repairable cellphones available.

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