Fairphone 2 gets thrown a lifeline, will now be supported until 2024


For at least one more year, /e/, a LineageOS branch will provide software support for the Fairphone 2. The service acknowledged in a tweet that the e/OS service for the seven-year-old smartphone could continue in response to user demand.

The Dutch firm that takes pleasure in producing ethical and ecological phones has provided software updates and security updates for the Fairphone 2 over the course of the previous seven years. However, just like all good stories, this phone story must be brought to a close.

Today, Fairphone revealed the Fairphone 2 would get its last couple of software updates in March. The phone will continue to operate normally even if it still uses the outdated Snapdragon 801 CPU from Qualcomm and runs Android 10. Except for the bottom module, several spare components will also remain available to buy for as long as stocks last and there is demand from active users.

The Fairphone 2, however, will start to age as a smartphone after March 2023 and won’t be able to resolve faults as they arise. Once a gadget reaches the end of its lifespan, according to Fairphone, vulnerabilities cannot be fixed. The business warned in their company blog that you should stop using applications that handle sensitive data beyond May 2023.

In order to prevent security breaches, Fairphone also advises against downloading security-critical apps like banking apps. Anyhow, only a few years after that final update, this kind of program won’t function again on the Fairphone 2 since it would be considered out of date, as stated by the manufacturer.

However, Fairphone 2 owners can still use their phone if they don’t mind putting it in airplane mode to prevent it from picking up malware once connected to the internet. If you appreciate using a customized ROM like LineageOS, you’re in luck because Fairphone says that alternative OSes will continue to be supported. In addition, as part of its own Reuse and Recycling Initiative, the company is offering a €50 store credit in exchange for recycling your device. Only the phone must be returned before March 31.

It should be noted that Fairphone’s initial commitment to regular updates for up to five years was significantly exceeded by the seven years of software support provided. We can only hope that the Fairphone 4, as one of the top eco-friendly smartphones that were introduced in 2021, will receive the same love and care as its predecessors.

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