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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is finally here, and it brings some of Samsung’s best hardware and software in a rather attractive-looking package. With that being said, it’s undeniable that smartphones today are still subject to the laws of physics, and as such wear and tear is still a big reality. If you’re planning on getting the S23, then we’ve put together a list of awesome cases that you can get, which should no doubt add some much-needed protection to your phone. Let’s take a look!

Speck Presidio Series

To start things off, we have Speck’s Presidio series cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Presidio2 Grip features a more slimmed-down design while maintaining its protective and grippy nature, and allows for compatibility with other accessories. Meanwhile, the Presidio Perfect-Clear comes with new materials keep the case clear longer while providing more protection and showcases the S23 Ultra’s design as well.

Additionally, Speck also offers the Presidio Perfect-Mist, which is an obsidian-colored case that also comes with Perfect-Clear technology. Users who want a bit more glitz on their case might prefer the Presidio Perfect-Clear with Glitter, which incorporates  embedded shimmering glass crystals and comes in both gold and platinum.

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Otterbox Series Cases

If you want one of the “classic” case brands, then Otterbox might be right up your alley with their newest batch of cases for the S23 Ultra. For something slim, the Symmetry Series combines tough polycarbonate and TPU for thin but effective protection, while the Defender and Defender Pro feature covers for your charging port, and an overall more durable look. They also come with added protection against microbes in everyday use.

Similar to the Symmetry series, the Commuter case for the S23 Ultra is designed more for work trips, home office falls and everything in between with a lightweight two-piece case. Meanwhile, the Otterbox Strada comes with a wallet design, which allows you to bring along cards and adds protection to your display.

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ZAGG Gear 4 Cases

ZAGG’s Gear 4 series cases for the Galaxy S23 phones feature some of the most unique-looking designs we’ve seen on a phone case. The Gear 4 Havana, London, Denali, and Everest are designed to be tough, and you can even get the Denali and Everest with Kickstand variants. All cases feature ZAGG’s D30 material, which is specially engineered to absorb impact and protect your phone, and made from recycled materials.

For something with a lighter and more transparent look, buyers can go for the Crystal Palace and Milan cases, which offer a see-through design that’s reinforced by D30 protection.

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Spigen Cases

One of the most popular case brands, Spigen’s new cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are among some of the coolest we’ve seen. For no-nonsense protection, the Spigen Rugged Armor uses TPU material for flexibility and shock absorption, and features a textured matte coating all over. There’s also the Ultra Hybrid One Tap Ring, which lets you see your phone’s design, all while being fully-compatible with wireless chargers.

There’s also the Ultra Hybrid Zero One, which adds a special see-through design effect to the S23 Ultra, and protects your phone from drops and shocks as well.

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Casetify Series

For a bit more variety in terms of design, Casetify offers a range of styles to fit the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Ultra Impact case comes with plant-based EcoShock material that’s able to withstand drops up to 11.5 feet, and is part of Casetify’s upcycling program. Likewise, the Casetify Impact cases also come with EcoShock material with up to 8.2 feet of drop protection, and anti-slip grip, and there’s also a range of clear cases that Casetify is launching in March, which feature up to 6.6 feet drop protection, special protection against UV lighting to prevent staining to the clear material.

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Incipio cases

Another terrific brand for protection is INCIPIO, which also offers a wide range of cases – these include the Incipio Duo case which includes a two-piece design for 12-foot drop protection with the latest Impact Struts technology, and the Incipio Grip which comes with re-engineered tactile X grips on the sides of the case for better handling, in addition to a double-layer case design.

There’s also Incipio’s Organicore Clear, made from plant-based compostable material for those who want to show off their device design and delivers slim and sleek eco-friendly protection from drops up to 14 feet. For user who want a bit more style, Incipio offers the Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell and New York Defensive Hardshell cases, which offer a slim dual-layer design and floral prints to boot.

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