Jun 2nd, 2021

An advantage to buying into Apple’s ecosystem is that the company has actually built in many features that makes it easy to move from one device to another. Want to share WiFi on your iPhone to your iPad? Done. Want to share a clipboard? Done. This is something that Google seems to be building towards in the latest update to its Chromebooks.

In Chrome OS 91, Google is finally bringing its Nearby Share feature onto its Chromebooks. For those unfamiliar, Nearby Share was initially discovered in 2020 which is basically Google’s answer to AirDrop, except for Android. It did have some features that AirDrop doesn’t have, like sharing apps.

The good news is that now that Nearby Share is on Chromebooks, it means that transferring files from your Android smartphone to your Chromebook laptop and vice versa will be quick and painless. It will utilize a variety of wireless connectivity options including Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, WebRTC, or P2P WiFi.

The update should already be live so if you own a Chromebook, make sure you’re updated to Chrome OS 91 and Nearby Share should be available to you, and all you need to do is turn it on for both your phone and Chromebook and you’re all set.

Source: Google

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