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ASUS Unveils its Latest Chromebook Models for Classrooms


Despite what some people might think, Chromebooks are mostly alive and well, and in fact are usually seen in academic settings thanks to a straightforward operating system which makes them ideal in schools and such. With that in mind, ASUS recently announced its latest line of CR Chromebooks, which the company primarily markets towards students and educators.

Given that most Chromebooks are designed to be used by kids in classrooms, ASUS has made sure that its new models come with rugged and modular designs. As such, they come with easy disassembly with support for replaceable internal parts, along with added MIL-STD-810H military-grade durability.

The new Chromebooks are also available in both 11.6-inch and 12.2-inch touchscreens with Gorilla Glass protection, and likewise feature hinges which can fold at up to 360 degrees – there are two clamshell models (CR1104C, CR1204C) and two convertible models which add a bit of versatility when it comes to usage (CR1104F, CR1204F).

Other hardware details include 16GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, USB type-A and type-C ports, a headphone jack, as well as support for HMDI 1.4b. As for connectivity, the new devices come with support for Wi-Fi 6E, in addition to 4G LTE.

Source: ASUS

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