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Google testing out running Chrome OS on Android


Android isn’t the only operating system by Google. The company also has its Chrome OS platform that is typically used for computers and laptops. But now according to a report from Android Authority, it seems that Google is testing further integration of Chrome OS into Android.

According to the report, Google has shown off the ability for Android to run Chrome OS through a virtual machine. This takes advantage of Android’s Virtualization Framework. This demo was reportedly shown to Google’s partner companies. Unfortunately, they did not mention if there are plans to actually release this.

If this sounds familiar, it is because years ago, Google was reported to have been working on some new hybrid platform that combines Android with Chrome OS. That obviously never came to pass, but this looks like it could be a happy middle. So what does this mean for Android or Chrome OS users?

While we doubt that we’ll see the platforms merge, it could be a way for Chrome OS users to run apps for Chrome OS on their smartphones. At the moment, Chrome OS users can already run certain mobile apps on their computers. So why not the other way too, right? Now like we said, it does not appear that Google is planning to commit to this. Maybe it’s just a demo that’s part of a different project, but either way, color us intrigued!

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