Android’s Nearby Share now lets you share apps as well


Last year, it was discovered that Google was working on a new feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop, where users could quickly and easily share files with each other wirelessly. The feature was called Nearby Share, and now it seems that the feature has been updated where it will not only allow users to share files, but share apps as well.

Google had actually teased this new feature back towards the end of 2020, but it looks like it is now more widely available. This will be useful if you’re trying to recommend someone an app and they can’t find it on the Play Store either because they don’t know how or if because there are too many alternatives.

The problem with app stores in general is that there are simply too many apps (which isn’t a bad thing), but a lot of apps tend to try and share similar names or descriptions which can help make things even more confusing. By using Nearby Share, users can share the specific app they want with the other user, which could prevent them from downloading the wrong app, or in some instances, malware posing as the real app.

The folks at 9to5Google managed to test the feature out and found that sharing the app over Nearby Share was actually faster than the user downloading the app themselves over an internet connection, so it might be a feature worth checking out.

Source: 9to5Google

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