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Google is bringing Gemini AI to Chromebook Plus computers


Last year, Google announced its Chromebook Plus lineup of computers. These are basically Chromebooks that have a higher minimum hardware requirement, which means that they are more powerful and can be used for more advanced tasks. Now it seems that Google is taking things further by announcing that they will be integrating its Gemini AI into Chromebook Plus laptops.

Google has been hard at work trying to integrate its Gemini AI into its services and devices. This latest announcement would also put Google’s Chromebook Plus laptops in direct competition with Microsoft’s updated lineup of Surface computers, all of which also have a focus on AI.

So what can you expect from this update?

According to Google, users can look forward to generative AI capabilities. This includes generative AI wallpaper and video call backgrounds. Users can just type in a prompt and it will generate something for them. Google is also bringing Magic Editor on Google Photos to Chromebook Plus. This will use AI to help users make editing images easier, especially if they have no experience doing so.

The update also includes a Gemini icon in the app shelf that will make it faster for users to interact with the AI. There is also good news for new Chromebook Plus customers. To entice customers into buying its Chromebook Plus laptops, Google will be giving a free 12-month access to the Google One AI Premium plan that includes access to Gemini Advanced and 2TB of cloud storage.

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