Nintendo plans to release 2-3 mobile games per year


Nintendo’s original plan for mobile talked about 7 guaranteed games, half of which we are being treated to this year, and some which arrived last year. Anything beyond that? Of course.

Nintendo has revealed that they are planning on releasing 2-3 titles per year on mobile. The company seems to be making quick work on that promise by following up Super Mario Run with the forthcoming Fire Emblem Heroes RPG. We also know the company to be making an Animal Crossing title, but it has been delayed.

Nintendo’s new stint in mobile is a sign of the company’s desire to be more diverse in the gaming field. They also seem to have a  newfound interest in keeping gamers mobile, what with their next generation gaming console Switch being able to operate as a gaming tablet on the go.

Of course, Nintendo will need to hit almost perfectly on almost all fronts in 2017 and beyond as the company has just come off a disappointing Wii U campaign and the unfortunate need to cut 1/3rd of their profit outlook on the year. That leaves us no doubt that the company will look to bring a lot of heat and quality games — mobile included — going forward.

[via Reuters]

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