We Might be Getting an Xbox VR Headset, but there’s a Catch


Unlike Sony’s PlayStation VR2, Microsoft’s Xbox consoles don’t come with a VR headset add-on, much to the dismay of some fans. With that being said though, a recent announcement from Meta (who owns the Quest VR hardware range) indicates that we might see this predicament change soon. 

As per an official post on the Meta’s website, the company mentions that it plans to open up the Meta Quest’s operating system to third-party hardware partners. The post also mentions the Xbox brand, albeit briefly:

“Xbox and Meta teamed up last year to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to Meta Quest, letting people play Xbox games on a large 2D virtual screen in mixed reality. Now, we’re working together again to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox.”

Aside from that quote however, not much else was mentioned by Meta. If taken literally though, it could mean that the company might release an Xbox-edition Meta Quest headset with compatibility for Xbox titles, although again at this point nothing is official. The post was also accompanied by an image render, which explores a possible Xbox-powered concept in action.

In other recent Meta news, the company recently announced that  it will launch a new education product for Quest devices, which will be unveiled later this year. The new product will provide teachers, trainers and administrators access to a range of education-specific software and functionality, and was developed with consultation from educators, researchers, as well as developers in the education space.

Source: Pure Xbox

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