Feb 1st, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:38 pm

It feels like forever ago when GoPro had the unfortunate duty to announce a recall for their Karma drone. If you’ve been waiting for the thing to go back on sale, though, then your patience is being rewarded today.

You can grab the drone through select retailers or from GoPro directly. It still costs the same as when it first went on sale and there are no new changes aside from the fact that it isn’t a dangerous flying contraption of doom.

The GoPro Karma had to be recalled because drones were literally falling out of the sky due to a loss of power. GoPro’s priority was to make sure that they fixed the root cause and tested the fix in thousands of flight hours to ensure so.

With its restocking, GoPro is also adding the “GoPro Core” purchase option to their website for $399. It features the GoPro body, arms, and landing gear, but not a battery, propeller, stabilizer, or charger. This is positioned as a replacement unit more than an affordable entry point, so if you want to fly then getting the full GoPro kit for $799 ($1,099 if you need a camera to go with it) is still the best route. Start shopping here.

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