6 Epic Gadgets You Can Wield in Just Cause 2 & Deus Ex: Human Revolution


NVIDIA knows a thing or two about high-tech hardware. From cutting edge video cards to sweet gaming tablets to streaming devices like the SHIELD TV, they’ve got all the bases covered. This is why it makes sense that they would add Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution to their GeForce NOW game streaming service.

Not only are both of these titles terrific, but they each feature awesome gear that makes playing them a joy. GeForce NOW members can enjoy the gizmos that each game offers as part of their monthly $7.99 membership. Best of all, the service utilizes the power of NVIDIA’s powerful Pascal architecture, which will ensure a superb gaming experience every time you play.

Here, we list six of the best technological wonders you can play with in these two games. While we limited ourselves to just three from each game, rest assured that there are plenty more for you to discover.

Both Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are now available to stream with a GeForce NOW membership at no additional cost. Combined, these two games will provide hours of fun. Also, be sure to update your device with the latest Software Upgrade 5.0. Available now, this upgrade brings a host of improvements to your SHIELD TV, including the latest Android OS and support for games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Just Cause 2’s Grappler

Just Cause 2’s versatile do-it-all item, the Grappler, definitely steals the show. The most obvious use is to zip from place to place. Set your sights on a target, latch on, and away you go. But the Grappler has a few more tricks up its sleeve. You can attach two objects to each other, sometimes with hilariously unexpected consequences. Grapple the back of an enemy’s car then anchor it to the ground and watch as the laws of physics take over.

You can also use the Grappler as a weapon. Get close to a foe and you can whip it down on their heads. Fling it at them and you can send them flying. Attach it to them and you can dash in for a high velocity collision. You can also use the Grappler to attach characters to various objects. This grants you the ability to pull off some major hijinks, which is why there are a ton of Just Cause 2 clips that you can watch on the Internet.

Human Revolution’s Wall-Penetrating Imager

The upgrade system for Adam Jensen’s cybernetic body is broken up into different body parts in Human Revolution, and each offers up some amazing tech. One of our favorites is the Wall-Penetrating Imager that you can add to your Eyes. It lets you see objects on the other side of walls, which is incredibly useful when you’re infiltrating enemy compounds. Being able to detect enemies before you enter a new area can be a major advantage to your efforts.

Just Cause 2’s Parachute

Not to be outdone, Rico also has a cool toy that lets him survive long falls: His trusty parachute can be automatically deployed and withdrawn, which lets him sail through the world with ease. Combine it with the grappling hook and Rico can zip up to awe inspiring heights then gently float down for a safe landing. You can also parasail by attaching your hook to a moving vehicle and activating your ‘chute to catch some air.

Human Revolution’s Icarus Landing System

This awesome augment fits onto Adam Jensen’s back and deploys to negate any potential damage that you may suffer from falls. It won’t activate unless the fall is significant enough, but having it will grant you some peace of mind as you navigate the game’s immense levels. You can also use it to get the drop on enemies: by activating the system during freefall, you’ll stun any foes in your landing radius.

Just Cause 2’s Happy Bubble Blaster

This silly weapon is shaped like a children’s toy, deals zero damage, and confers no tactical advantage. So why are we including it? Because it exemplifies the kind of zany humor that makes Just Cause 2 such an over-the-top joy to play. Roaming around a dangerous battlefield blowing bubbles is a hilarious sight. It’s also a cool Easter Egg that players will have fun unlocking.

Human Revolution’s Glass-Shield Cloaking System

This might be the most useful augment in the entire game. The Glass-Shield Cloaking System uses an electromagnetic field to shroud Adam Jensen in a cloak of invisibility. Regardless of whether you play with a focus on combat or stealth, being able to disappear at a moment’s notice confers a serious tactical advantage. Combine this stealth camo with the Run Silently augment for your Legs and you can literally run past your enemies. Or, tack on the Instant Takedown upgrade for your Arms and you can slam an enemy unconscious before he even sees you.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

We hope this article has gotten you excited to visit the futuristic world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well as the grapple hook friendly confines of Just Cause 2’s Panau. Stream both games through GeForce NOW and you can experience the benefits of the marvelous tech we listed above as well as all the other items that are in both games.

Of course, you should also take a moment to appreciate the real-world tech that you have right in front of you. Magical grappling hooks and cybernetic bodies may be impressive, but so is being able to stream AAA games with butter smooth frame rates and highly detailed visuals through the cloud.

Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are just two of the latest games to be added to GeForce NOW’s growing library of over 60 hit games on NVIDIA SHIELD. Click here if you’re not a GeForce NOW member: like Rico’s Grappler and Adam Jensen’s augments, it’s the kind of show-stopping tech you’ll want to have by your side. Best of all, the first month is free.

Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are just two of the latest games to be added to GeForce NOW’s growing library of over 60 hit games on NVIDIA SHIELD.

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