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The game of blackjack is thrilling due to its mix of strategy and luck. The suspense of each round as players are dealt their cards and seeing the dealer open their cards is incredibly exciting. Plus, there are various social aspects of the game that can make it a fun game to play with friends or strangers. If you’re looking for a mobile version of the game, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve put together a list of some of the best blackjack games for Android.


We know we said blackjack is a great social game, but if you’d rather practice strategies by yourself, or if you don’t have an internet connection, then BLACKJACK! is actually a great mobile game to consider. You can play against the game’s AI to hone your skills thanks to its offline mode. Alternatively, you can also play online against live opponents if you prefer, but it’s nice to have an option to play without going online.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

Speaking of strategy, there is strategy when it comes to blackjack. Sure, a lot of luck is involved, but having a bit of skill and knowing the right strategy to use can help reduce your reliance on luck. That’s pretty much the entire premise of Blackjack Strategy Practice, where you can test out various strategies so the next time you play with your friends, you’ll be better equipped to handle yourself.


If you’re looking for straightforward blackjack games on Android, then the simply-titled Blackjack could be it. It offers Las Vegas casino style blackjack gameplay which is one of the top rated online casinos in NZ. It offers players a ton of free chips everyday, so if you’d rather not spend real-life money on in-app purchases, you don’t have to!

The game uses the same official rules that are used in Las Vegas’ casinos. This means that if you play this game, you should know the rules well enough where you can take your skills to the Las Vegas tables and try your luck in real-life! The developer ensures that it uses completely random number generators when dealing cards.

If you’re worried that some developers are rigging the game to make you lose and force you to spend money buying chips, then you can rest assured this won’t be the case here. We can also appreciate the app’s clean and simple design that makes it a joy to use.

House of Blackjack 21

For those who are feeling competitive, then House of Blackjack 21 could be for you. It offers live gameplay against other people all over the world. This is a good place to test your skills against live opponents, instead of AI. Players will also be able to create their own private tables.

This lets you create online games that only you and your friends can play if they’re looking for blackjack games on Android. There are also in-game items and achievements that players can collect. The game also offers players free chips every 30 minutes, making it perfect for those hoping to avoid in-app purchases.

Blackjack Championship

Most blackjack games on Android are pretty straightforward. But if you’re looking for something more exciting, Blackjack Championship could help fulfill the excitement you’re craving. It offers a MEGA tournament setting where you can win prizes up to 50 times larger compared to other games the app has to offer.

You can also take part in events and missions, get placed in a weekly leaderboard, and also create private tables for you and your friends. The developer also says that the game has been certified for fair dealing, so you don’t have to worry about the cards being rigged in the house’s favor.

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