LG shows off another piece of the LG G4, this time it’s the camera



At the end of this month LG is set to announce the LG G4, but until then they can’t help themselves from announcing parts of the device. So far we’ve seen the display, new UX, and a close-up of the sensor. Today LG is sharing even more information about the new camera.

The new camera module for the G4 is 16MP with a f/1.8 aperture. The wider aperture will allow the G4 to take in 80% more light than the camera on the LG G3. Inc case your forgot, the G3 had a really nice camera (which was also used on the LG G Flex 2). LG also announced that the front-facing camera will be 8MP. We should be looking at a phone with a really nice set of cameras. Hopefully the real-world results live up to the specs.

We’ll know more about the G4 after LG’s event on April 28th. Are you excited about the LG G4?

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  1. I just got my G3 due to my Nexus 5 breaking. Oh well.

    1. Howd it break? LG may send you a new one.

      1. Nah it was my fault. Dropped it twice in one day and shattered the screen. I was bored of it anyway.

        1. there’s a new nexus coming out in 6 or 7 months… and the wait begins.

          1. I’m done with a Nexus device unless they can pick it up in the camera department. My Nexus 5 was horrible. I passed on the N6 and choose the G3.

          2. the N6 finally introduced a good camera to the Nexus line. so I believe they finally picked it up in the camera dept.

          3. I would definitely say so, I just picked up an N6 after being bored with my M8 and I couldn’t be happier.

          4. I should of played with it a bit but I went straight to the G3

          5. My Nexus 6 camera is great

          6. I honestly don’t take pictures that often but I’ve had friends with pretty great phone cameras say that they like my Nexus 5’s picture quality. It’s honestly quite good unless you are really nit-picky about pictures/take a *lot* of pictures.

    2. That sucks I just broke my Oneplus and had to get a Nexus 6

      1. How are you liking your Nexus 6?

        1. I’m definitely missing my Oneplus, but am getting used to the nexus now. Ended up having to unlock and root it though just for some basic features like the led notification light. Speakers on it sounds great though and the screen looks awesome. So overall yes definitely starting to like it

          1. Good to hear… I went Nexus and I’m digging mine too, liking the screen and the speed of it.

          2. Speed is great on it, I’m actually on a 5.1 rom right now and speed and animations seems much more fluent. Hope you enjoy yours til you decide to move onto something else.

          3. So you can’t use light flow out the box?

          4. No, from what I have heard Google had it disabled last second so that people would use ambient display. And light flow will only work if your rooted with super user

  2. I’m thinking this is going to be a very good phone.

  3. Just feel like the G3 didn’t wow me as much as the G2 did, I LOVED my G2… but the G3 underwhelmed me after using it for a good month or 2, I was bored with it… Can’t explain it, because they put in the features that I really care about like multi-window etc..

  4. Hoping the camera is badass on the G4, and good battery life, and water proof. If it has these things I’ll order without even seeing it. I want a phone I can take into the water at the beach and not worry about it, SD card slot, again badass camera. Everybody has some of this but is missing one of the features, except the sony z3. Hoping Z4 or G4 delivers.

    1. i mean you could always get the S5 active..

    2. I highly doubt that you’ll get all of those things in one of those devices.

  5. 80% more light? I’m digging that. Please don’t mess it up LG because you seem to be my next device!

  6. Please lift up the skirt and let us see the goods already! ;)

  7. I’m interested in the New UX they hyping up

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