LG shows off the new 5.5-inch QHD display for the LG G4



Like their bitter rival Samsung, LG is a company that prides themselves on making great displays. In the last couple of years we’ve seen LG shrink bezels and bump resolution faster than anyone. LG’s displays are so important that they take the time to separately announce new displays. Today they’re showing off a new 5.5-inch QHD display that will most likely be found in the LG G4.

The new display comes in with a resolution of 1440×2560, which is 538ppi. That’s not much of a difference from the display in the LG G3, but that’s perfectly fine. 2K displays are just starting to become the norm on flagship devices. HTC hasn’t even moved past 1080p yet. Beyond pixels the new display has advanced touch sensitivity and a higher contrast ratio.

LG didn’t make any direct comments about this new display being in the G4, but they did say it will be in a flagship sometime soon. The LG G Flex 2 has already launched, so it’s pretty obvious that we’ll see this display in the G4. More information about that should be available later this month at LG’s event.


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  1. so glad they did up “upgrade” this to the 3k I’ve read about. If they put a big battery on the G4 and not the same one in the G3, then I will most likely be buying this phone next. LG makes some amazing phones.

    1. 3K? 1440×2560 is 2K.

      1. It’s actually 3,686.4K.

        1. I was talking about the resolution, not the total amount of pixels, as I’m sure you know.

          1. I know. I was kidding.

        2. It’s actually 3.6864 X 10^3 K. If we’re going to nit-pick and be wiseguys we might as well do it is scientific notation (sarcasm).

      2. Actually 2K is 2048×1080 or 1998×1080. 2560×1440 is QHD.

  2. If they up that battery I’ll be interested

  3. Dat bezel doe.

  4. Given VZW will not have the gold S6 Edge available until 5-1-15 it allows me to wait and see what this has to offer.

    1. A gold S6 Edge. I think I’m going to laugh hysterically and then puke because it’ll be so funny until I see how ugly it’ll be.

  5. They can make the screen a good as they like, but they need to drop the horrific fake sharpening that’s on the G3.

    1. Yeah, had to hack to get rid of that. What were they thinking?

  6. I hope this QHD display will not be a failure unlike the over-hyped QHD display on the G3.

    1. It was not overhyped maybe for you .. Love the qhd display on the g3

      1. I thought that the G3 has the best display, but I changed my opinion after seeing this video.


        Actually, the QHD display on the Oppo find 7 is much better than the QHD display on the G3.

        1. I’ve had both and can verify it as fact. Find 7 has better brightness and milky, truer whites than the G3. As a result of that, much better outdoor visibility.

  7. Please someone take my phablet money. I’m hoping someone drops a worthy device because so far it’s not much of an upgrade from last year.

  8. It is also able to be interacted with when wet

  9. Hopefully it’s brighter.

  10. Take my money

  11. Wait and see if so called new LG QHD screen any noticeable improvement over LG G3 screen which was not overwhelmingly received. Moreover, I will not buy LG or others as they don’t care to provide android or security upgrade in timely manner or not at all. If android phone manufacturers want to complete with Apple IOS/iPhone than instead of just upgrading little here little their hardware, provide new android upgrades in timely manner for the older android phones. Apple, goes all the way back to 4 generations old iPhone(4s?) to update it’s IOS unlike android does.

    1. Apple can change the OS version # all they want but many new features won’t come to older models so it’s not really the same OS.

      1. They also happen to forget how many people with iPhone 4’s, 4S’s and older models had their devices become unusable after updating to iOS 7. Or you know, how the notifications system and tray is the most blatant rip-off of Android’s system ever.

    2. You are obviously an Apple troll, as every thing you said is false and biased in favor of Apple! Your horrible grammar puts your mental age in single digits; so sick of you little fanboys looking for attention on Android sites!

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