Apr 9th, 2015


Motorola is a company that values their users greatly. In the past they’ve run contests to allow fans to design watch faces, and in their phones they give customers a ton of choices for personalization. As a result they’ve slowly grown a dedicated group of Motorola fans. Now Motorola is looking to reward these fans for their loyalty.

Motorola is sending out invites to a program called “Moto Makers.” This is a group for fans and supporters of Motorola products. People who get invited to become a Moto Maker will get invited to behind-the-scenes Google Hangouts, get to test and review products early, and the opportunity to attend Motorola events. It’s a lot like the HTC Elevate program.

2015-04-08 2015-04-08_(1)

All you have to do to be a Moto Maker is help spread the word about Motorola products. If you’re already doing that there is a chance you may get an email like the one above. Right now that appears to be the only way to become a Moto Maker. Motorola hasn’t officially announced this yet, but they already have a Google+, Twitter, and Facebook page. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

UPDATE: The website is live now.

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