Motorola sending out invites to super secret “Moto Makers” fan club [UPDATE]



Motorola is a company that values their users greatly. In the past they’ve run contests to allow fans to design watch faces, and in their phones they give customers a ton of choices for personalization. As a result they’ve slowly grown a dedicated group of Motorola fans. Now Motorola is looking to reward these fans for their loyalty.

Motorola is sending out invites to a program called “Moto Makers.” This is a group for fans and supporters of Motorola products. People who get invited to become a Moto Maker will get invited to behind-the-scenes Google Hangouts, get to test and review products early, and the opportunity to attend Motorola events. It’s a lot like the HTC Elevate program.

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All you have to do to be a Moto Maker is help spread the word about Motorola products. If you’re already doing that there is a chance you may get an email like the one above. Right now that appears to be the only way to become a Moto Maker. Motorola hasn’t officially announced this yet, but they already have a Google+, Twitter, and Facebook page. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

UPDATE: The website is live now.

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  1. Motorola if you see this, I’d love to join Moto Makers.

    1. let’s start a “Me too” thread!

      1. how about Mo-too?

  2. wish this would have been available for my Nexus 6 when I bought it. sigh

  3. Go Moto!

  4. I ordered a Motorola and they shipped some gadget in the box. Looks like a whistle or key chain

    1. It could be the Moto Keylink. They sold them for a while, but they look to have been replaced by the Power Pack Micro, which isn’t really that much larger but has a battery backup built-in.

  5. I guess word of mouth doesn’t count? I’ve convinced at least two other people to buy a Moto X off contract.

    1. Hell yeah! My mom, dad, wife, sister, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, are all proud Moto X owners thanks to me (and probably countless others online via social networks). keep spreading the good word!

    2. I want to recommend the Moto X to people but the camera is a big let down.

      1. Yeah, it’s not great, but it’s good enough for my uses. I’m a pretty casual photog, and the pics I’ve taken with it have been plenty good for my purposes.

        1. for the moto x 2nd gen camera is good. I don’t think any camera on any phone is great. A DSLR or a mirror-less camera takes great pictures. But as camera phones go…moto x 2nd gen is good.

  6. Great news for sure, will be interesting to see how invites go. I’ve been a diehard Moto guy going back to the early 90’s with family working for them designing cellphones. bring it on Moto!!!

    1. The early 90’s? Jesus, I was *born* at the beginning of the 90’s. Longest time back I can remember something about Motorola was the ad that ended with “Hello Mawtoe”.

      1. LOL…. got my first one if mem serves me in Feb of ’91 big old fat tank portable. Was the first design of portable after the old school bag phones they had.

  7. I’d love to get an invite. Been a Moto fan for years and have gotten several people to get Moto phones. First thing I thought of when I saw LG is going to let people Try their new phone early was I sure wish Moto would do something like that!!

  8. I love the Moto X line, but really, Motorola has to do something about that camera. The 2014 version’s optics were a bit better than the year before, but not by much.

    I’d at least be satisfied if the new 2015 Moto X had a shooter on par with the iPhone 5s, forget the iPhone 6.

  9. yeah it is saying my email address is not authorized when trying to sign up lol wtf!

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