LG’s next event happens April 28th in 6 different cities, & it should finally bring us the LG G4


lg g4 event invite

LG has finally set a date for their first big event since CES 2015. The company has announced an April 28th shindig where they want us “see the great” and “feel the great.” We imagine this event will serve as the launching pad for the LG G4, especially since it’s being simultaneously held in 6 different cities (New York, London, Paris, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul) and because LG has yet to bring us their flagship contender for 2015.

We still don’t know what, exactly, to expect out of LG for the G4. Recent leaks have shown that the device will adopt a design similar to that of the LG G3 of yesteryear and the LG G Flex 2 revealed at CES a few months ago. That said, leaks aren’t always reliable — ask @evleaks — and we could end up seeing something totally different.

One thing to note about the invitation being sent to press is that it looks like a leather book cover, such as one you’d find on a premium notebook. Does this mean the LG G4 will have that same faux leather with stiching we loved (or hated) on Samsung’s 2013 phones? That’s a slim possibility, but our bet is that — if this invite is indeed showing a notebook in its background — it’s teasing the Note variant of the LG G4 that will come with a stylus.

Or it could just be that LG’s PR team wanted to use a nice looking background, and we’re talking a whole lot of something about a whole lot of nothing. Either way we’ll know what the company is planning for sure once April 28th rolls around. Mark your calendars!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. cant wait! this very well could be my next device. Loved my G2 and G3. Give us bottom of front facing speakers, a BETTER BATTERY given the 3k screen I’ve read about and i’ll be back!

    1. Honestly, better battery’s not a big concern so long as it’s removable..

      1. cant agree with a preference. I dont like to take a lot with me when I go anywhere. On that list would be an extra battery. If I go out, I’d want to carry the least amount of stuff as possible so i’m in the market for a bigger battery =)

        1. Ah, but if you have a spare, you can always go out with a 100% charged battery!

          1. cant argue with logic my friend! I if you could see just how thin my wallet is, you would get it. I like to grab and go. Not pack and go ;)

          2. (off-topic) I’m also a fan of the thin wallet. I was shopping for a new one last year and after a lot of looking around ended up going with a custom canvas R.E.Load one. It was way cheaper than it has any right to be. Doesn’t look as classy as a nice leather one, but it’s super thin and holds things nicely. Plus I got to pick my own colors.

          3. thats awesome! I picked a Relic from JC Penny’s. Its genuine leather and has this magnet clip on the front for cash. It carries about 4 cards and has a slit in the middle of both sides for random stuff. I love it and it was only $20. Google:
            Relic® Barea Leather Front-Pocket Wallet with Money Clip

      2. I actually prefer the larger sealed battery. I don’t like carrying around an extra battery.

    2. Front facing speakers, SD card, bigger battery and I will be trading my G2 right away.

  2. I may have to go this route…I think LG is going to create a real beast

  3. All I know is that if you his thing only has the snapdragon 808 mentioned in those benchmark rumors, I’m basically going to be heartbroken. But I still have really high hopes that LG is going to give us something much better than Samsung or HTC have so far this year.

  4. I’m not expecting anything at all.

  5. If this thing is over $600 its DOA

  6. Hopefully they unveil the G4 Note and its screen is big enough (5.8 inches or bigger) and it comes with a removable battery so that Zerolemon can triple it. Zerolemon makes creat holster cases and tripling an already big battery provides 3-5 days of battery life with Qualcomm’s excellent battery guru app.

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