LG shows off the software that will run on the LG G4 [VIDEO]



Last week LG announced the display panel that will be on the LG G4, and now they are showing off the software that will be displayed on it. LG has published a teaser video that goes over past versions of their Android UX and shows new features of “LG UX 4.0.”

The overall look of the new UX is the same that we’ve seen on the LG G3 and LG G Flex 2. It’s a nice take on Google’s Material Design aesthetic without being a copy. Smart Bulletin is making a return from the LG G3. It puts things like settings, LG Health, calendar, and Remote just a swipe away, similar to HTC Blinkfeed. Instead of long-pressing the volume down button to launch the camera you now can double press, which is coincidentally the new way to launch the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Other things that LG showed in the video include new options for camera controls, a new calendar app, a way to quickly customize ringtones, and a new gallery app. We’ll see more about LG UX 4.0 at the G4 event on April 28th in New York. What are your thoughts on the LG G4 so far?


Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Yeah I’m gonna go buy that new g4/3/2 for that beautiful interface… Said no one ever, the fact is that this is probably The ugliest of all the Android skins, not a fan of touchwiz either but I think this might be uglier.

    1. haha its not HORRIBLE. I went from the G2 (which I loved) to the G3 and found it nice….for a few minutes. Then got bored. It was like a teens phone. I would not fret though, there is always Nova or Google Now launcher?

      1. Lol true that, at least with Android we do get choices ;)

      2. I get bored with every single launcher, even stock

  2. Dafuq?

  3. those icons are a huge step backwards

    1. True, I’m not really feeling those squares…

      1. Tell that to microsoft.

    2. True,…..but I’m sure that you can change the icons. I know that it’s possible on my G3 at least.

  4. Its like they are coping Microsoft with that look.

  5. I actually like how this looks so far. LG has always done a good job making their UI run quickly, and they provide a lot of customization options. Personally, I still prefer my stock experience on my Moto X, but I think I would be fine with LG’s overlay.

  6. Can someone translate the subtitles cause I didn’t understand them.

  7. Can we all agree that this interface is fugly??? Then again I change my launcher like every week. They need to give us a dark lollipop theme like in cm12. I sure hope all these bright colors go away with the next version of android.

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