What was your favorite thing from CES 2015?


Phan CES

Booths are being tore down. The show floor is getting quiet. Another CES has come to a close (though we still have some content coming). This year may not have been full of new phones, but there was still some cool stuff to see. We had a couple of people on the ground in Las Vegas covering everything that had to do with Android. Here are some of the big stories:

We also covered a lot of things that weren’t necessarily “big news,” but they were cool/weird/interesting. Here are a few to check out:

Those stories are only the tip of the iceberg. We covered everything from app-enabled pet feeders to TV’s that are nearly thinner than your phone. CES was crazy this year, and we want to know what you liked from the show. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Android related. Take this time to geek out about gadgets in the comments!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

This is what Google Glass looked like back in 2011 (and what it could eventually become)

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  1. ASUS Zenphone 2 for sure. Great specs for the price.

  2. Stainless steel Sony SW3.

  3. Pretty bad year for mobile, as expected.

    If I had to pick I guess it would be the fact that Android Auto will be coming to 3rd parties, however all announcements were too expensive for me.

  4. Come on where’s the dell Xps 13! The amazing bezeless screen is somewhat like no other.

  5. Mercedes f015

  6. Seriously, you didn’t mention the Saygus V2? That’s probably the best, well-rounded, top spec’d Android device created. That’s what I’m saving for right now. I NEED the Saygus V2.

  7. TV’s if I had to pick anything. Personally, I wasn’t all that wow’d by anything in the mobile/tablet space at this CES. Hopefully, MWC brings more interesting news, but as it becomes increasingly popular for execs to show tech behind close doors and in the shadows of these large trade shows- i think it would be safe to say, I won’t be holding my breath for anything amazing, anytime soon.

  8. The huge amount of Windows tablets and PCs that were shown

    1. Which ones? I honestly didn’t see to much coverage of windows other than the new Asus and Lenovo super thin two in ones

  9. G Flex 2

  10. G Flex 2, not fair cause I don’t know too much about the rest but the flex 2 is something I have been waiting for since the first was released and LG did not disappoint me.

  11. Yota.

    Dish sling has potential.

  12. CES isn’t really big for phones

  13. I was pretty underwhelmed this year.

  14. Saygus v²

  15. Yota Phone 2

  16. My favorite is not here in the list. It is Nexus 6 that I am trying to buy from Play Store. I
    know it was launched much before CES 2015 but still Play store is struggling to keep them in stock. The best feature I like in it is faster charging with turbo charger and compatibility with wireless car charger.

  17. They Saygus V2

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